At the La Poste sorting center, Montat high school students raise awareness of biodiversity

At the La Poste sorting center, Montat high school students raise awareness of biodiversity
At the La Poste sorting center, Montat high school students raise awareness of biodiversity

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On the occasion of the Nature Festival, Friday May 24, first year students at the Lycée des Territoires du Montat and La Poste employees take stock of their first year of partnership. A project that all members are delighted with.

The day of reckoning has come. In the park of the La Poste de Lhospitalet sorting center, students from the Montat high school, accompanied by their teachers, take the postal workers on a walk to discover their facilities. Anti-drowning ramps in water retention basins, wildlife passages (protected passages for animals), composters, plantations and even late mowing: for a year, the high school students implemented actions to preserve biodiversity on the site and they are proud of it.

Concrete actions for students

After a national diagnosis in 2022, La Poste Immobilier, in charge of managing the group’s parks, has chosen to enrich its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. A partnership with the League for the Protection of Birds emerged the following year.

The high school students explain to the postal workers the improvements they have made in the park.
DDM Juliette Rigaud

In the Lot, the project is unique. Every Monday, students from the Montat territories high school went to the site to implement their own actions. A concrete partnership, which won them over: “We appreciated this project because it really allowed us to learn through an ecological engineering action,” explains Valentin, a student in the first year of the professional BAC Management of natural environments and wildlife.

Marc Esslinger and Laëtitia Lecomte, technical teachers in charge of the project, emphasize: “This partnership allowed them to step out of their comfort zone. Normally, we work in natural areas. Raising business awareness of biodiversity issues while diversifying the learning methods offered to students delights them.

“Biodiversity is also right on your doorstep”

“Today, our vision is totally different,” explains Laurent Jourdan, director of the Lhospitalet mail preparation and distribution platform. If the students were able to learn and practice through concrete actions, La Poste employees also emerged from it. Jean-Christophe Aliaga, customer operations manager at the sorting center, remembers from this experience the need to prepare for climate issues. Questions that the students sparked in him while bringing him a little joy. “It made us smile on Monday morning,” he confides.

La Poste employees and teachers at the Montat high school are therefore satisfied with this partnership and hope to see it continue next year. “This is only the beginning,” they exclaim collectively.




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