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In Toulenne in Gironde, the cherry trees of the future are taking root under the watchful eye of specialists from the INRAE ​​arboricultural experimental unit. On the Jarres estate, a 70-hectare island located on the left bank of the Garonne near Langon, researchers are tackling the arduous task of selecting varieties of fruit trees capable of withstanding the vagaries of the climate.

Cherry production has been in free fall in recent years, a worrying situation for lovers of this summer fruit. Early flowering, fruit bursting and attacks by the Asian Drosophila midge are the three major scourges that affect cherry trees.

The plots of the Domaine des Jarres are not only a Source of fruit, but an open-air laboratory. Cherry trees, apricot trees, walnut trees and apple trees are studied there daily. Inrae’s objective is clear: to create varieties of fruit trees that are robust in the face of climatic challenges. Through genetic crosses, researchers hope to develop more resistant cherry trees.

The selection process resistant varieties is long and meticulous. Only the most robust varieties, those capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions, are preserved.

The cherry trees of the future are taking root in Gironde! – ©A garden of poetry

Because the humidity is a scourge for cherry trees. On the Jarres estate, certain branches are protected by mosquito nets, and scare cannons are used to protect the crops. David Allétru, research technician, explains that the cherries burst due to excessive humidity. To remedy this problem, digital tools like cameras, thermal probes and 3D scanners, mounted on conveyors and drones, are used to analyze the water characteristics of fruits.

In Toulenne, INRAE ​​researchers are carrying out a silent but essential battle to ensure the future of cherry trees in the face of climate change. Thanks to their efforts, the orchards of tomorrow may be able to withstand the challenges posed by cooler winters, wetter summers and more aggressive pests. In the meantime, cherry lovers can hope for better days for this delicate fruit.

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