Landes Basketball Cup: organizers optimistic after the latest weather forecast

It’s looking very good at the moment.” rejoices this Wednesday, May 29, Barbara Canlorbe, the president of the Landes Basketball Committee, organizer of the Landes Cup. Like all the members of the departmental basketball committee, she scrutinizes the weather forecast. In the event of too much rain, the event scheduled for this Saturday, June 1, will have to be postponed to another date, since the finals take place outdoors, in the arenas of Mont-de-Marsan (Landes).

We still had some uncertainties in the last few hours, but we have more precise forecasts from the air base which estimates that there will be no rain and this is confirmed by other forecasts.” declares Barbara Canlorbe. However, the forecasts having changed several times in recent days, the organizers remain cautious. Barbara Canlorbe explains that it is possible to cancel the event until the last moment in the event of a change in the forecast.

On site, in the Plumaçon arenas, preparations are going well. The synthetic pitch has been installed on the track. More than 8,000 spectators are expected. The matches will be played behind closed doors.

The synthetic pitch was installed on the evening of Tuesday May 28 on the track of the Mont-de-Marsan arenas © Radio France
Renaud Biondi-Maugey