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he fires a gun into the air to escape a burglary attempt

he fires a gun into the air to escape a burglary attempt
he fires a gun into the air to escape a burglary attempt

“It felt like we were in a movie. » A few hours after the events, Simon Texier remains shocked. Living at a place called La Journalière in Secondigny, on the edge of the national forest, he was the victim of an attempted burglary on the night of Tuesday May 28 to Wednesday May 29, 2024, then facing a group of a twenty individuals. Simon Texier recounts this night of anguish.

“My neighbors had warned me that two vehicles had passed through the hamlet in the afternoon: we barricaded the buildings and put our equipment under cover and we organized ourselves to do rounds in the middle of the nightexplains the machine operator. At 12:15 a.m., my dog ​​barked: I saw six hooded individuals dressed in black, I went out with my hunting rifle and fired two shots into the air. They fled into the forest. »

“One threatened to kill me”

He then alerts the police. “Just before the gendarmes arrived, I then found myself facing eight individuals with machetes, one threatened to kill me before they all fled when they saw the flashing lights”continues Simon Texier, who assures that he made an appointment with a psychologist following these events.

Then at 4 a.m., do it again. “This time I see twenty people in my orchard, I fired six cartridges into the air, then the gendarmerie returnedhe assures. The individuals vandalized my car, the handles were torn off and the windows were broken. »

With his neighbors, Simon Texier filed a complaint early Wednesday afternoon with the Moncoutant-sur-Sèvre gendarmerie brigade, which depends on the Parthenay company. Commander of the latter, squadron leader Grégory Raboisson confirms the intervention of the military that night. “Patrols were carried out in the area, and the facts, which were out of the ordinary, could not be observed. The investigation is ongoing »he assures.