Cantal. Pharmacists’ strike: “mobilize today to exist tomorrow”

Cantal. Pharmacists’ strike: “mobilize today to exist tomorrow”
Cantal. Pharmacists’ strike: “mobilize today to exist tomorrow”


Marie Boudon

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May 29, 2024 at 4:06 p.m.

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The call for a strike majority union in Cantal on May 30 will result in the closure of pharmacies. Throughout France, pharmacists are demanding financial revaluationsalert on the shortages of medicines and on the risks of liberalization of the online sale.

Urgent demands for 78 pharmacists Cantal holders who admit to fighting every day for 2 yearsagainst a tired system, between shortages and lack of acknowledgement.

Elisabeth Alaux, president of the FSPF15, alerts: “The negotiations began in beginning of the year. But today, the budget put on the table by the State does not make it possible to finance all pharmacies. The continued decline in drug prices reimbursable by the State endangers the financial balance of pharmacies. By lowering prices, the State indirectly organizes stock shortages.

And pharmaceutical laboratories, often multinationalsconsider certain drugs unprofitable and cease production, thus worsening shortages.

“We spend our days call the doctors, suppliers, other pharmacies, to try to find this or that medication. It is anxiety-inducing for our patientseven dangerous.

A unique model to preserve

Cantal, with its 65 pharmacies for 78 holders, with a pharmacy for 2 doctors, illustrates the importance and success of territorial network. But the president of the FSPF15 still recalls the 330 closures in 2023 in France.

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This situation, explains Elisabeth Alaux, is symptomatic of a lack of visibility and widespread fatigue among professionals in the sector. “We think that there are European components that want to change the French model which is relatively different from other European countries.

In fact, the monopoly on drug delivery and the pharmacists who own their pharmacies ensure that the medicine is very secure. “You will never find fake medicines with us because our monopoly has held its protective role. Wanting to change it is what worries our patients who are the first to support us in our fight » .

An unparalleled network

In Cantal, the union is delighted with a renewal of the profession. Between installations and reworks, with an average age of pharmacists of 49 years, “we are in shock, despite some departures » .

“The Cantal network is good even if that of Aurillac is the most shaken in this first half of 2024 with B. Lacoste (station area) who is retiring. The Center pharmacy found a buyer, that of Murat too.” But these departures accentuate pressure on the remaining pharmacies.

“This closure means more guards and more fatigue for those who remain,” laments the trade unionist.

The threat of online sales

Another major point of tension is the increasing liberalization of online sales of medicines. Pharmacists fear this trend will further weaken small pharmacies, essential to the territorial network. “We have proven our effectiveness during the Covid crisis, distributing masks, ensuring vaccinations and the tests. This system is good, useful and now it is put in danger » .

Today, the model of one pharmacy per 2,500 inhabitants makes it possible to find an open pharmacy wherever you are. 6 days a week (for advice, a question) and 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (for emergencies). What about tomorrow, and the internet?

Pharmacy studies in crisis

THE Training courses pharmacists is also in question. There third cycle reform has still not succeeded, and Parcoursup has left many places vacant in recent years. “In six years, these unfilled places will result in a lack of pharmacists on the market,” warns the president.

The constraints of the profession, such as night guards and the demands of availability, deter many young people, which Elisabeth Alaux understands. “It’s true that the guards are a constraint of the profession not negligible. In my sector which includes the pharmacies of Arpajon, Montsalvy, Lafeuillade and Calvinet, we are on call one week out of 5. You should know that on call is from Saturday noon until the other Saturday noon, 7 days in a row. And even if we are not disturbed every night, we sleep with the phone on the bedside table, always staying 20 minutes maximum from our office.

The constraint is even more significant among Aurillacois holders which make even heavier guards, with the hospital next door, even if there are more of them. “And since it is the incumbent who is on guard duty, and even if he has been disturbed five times during the night, in the morning he will still be on deck and always very professional. In the countryside, there are even areas where they are on guard one week out of 3 » .

It’s a combination of things that put us at this breaking point

Elisabeth Alaux

For all these reasons, on May 30, Cantal pharmacists will be able to take to the streets in Clermont-Ferrand, supported by their counterparts and the pharmacy students. The objective is clear: to save a accessible and efficient health system. “We are fighting for our pharmacies, to keep the network in place, effective, but above all for public health and for patients.” The organization will be done from the ARS and the Prefecture for the requisition of a pharmacy by sector on May 30. The pharmacy on call the night of the 30th will be that of Cap Blanc.

The president of the union concluded: “It’s a very nice job than that of pharmacist. The relationship with the patient, the trust he places in us, and I am sad to see some people turn away from the profession. Our last strike was 10 years ago when the government wanted break the monopoly and introduce financial funds in pharmacies. We held on, but no one is safe from the possibility of it happening again. We will stay vigilant » .

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