The Swiss Church creates a new “Ethics and Society” service – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Swiss Church creates a new “Ethics and Society” service – Swiss Catholic Portal
The Swiss Church creates a new “Ethics and Society” service – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Catholic Church in Switzerland plans to set up a new “Ethics and Society” service by 2025. The idea is to rstrengthen the voice of the Church in the areas of social ethics, bioethics and environmental ethics.

The Swiss Bishops’ Conference (CES), the Roman Catholic Central Conference of Switzerland (RKZ) and Lent Action (AdC) are founding a joint “Ethics and Society” Service.

The ETUC certainly already has the Justice and Peace Commission and the Bioethics Commission, both of which have a professional secretariat, “the idea is to bring them together and strengthen them under the aegis of this new service” , Davide Pesenti, general secretary of the ETUC, explained to

Encourage social dialogue

The “Ethics and Society” Department wishes to strengthen the voice of the Church in matters of social ethics among public opinion through publications, public relations work and training offers. He will take a position on essential ethical questions and advise ecclesial institutions and organizations. He will be responsible for developing background information, decision bases, positions and reference documents, particularly on votes and referendums.

The team of the new Service, which is expected to consist of three people, will establish links nationally and internationally and propose offers and events to encourage dialogue.


From a strategic point of view, the Service will be managed by a steering committee composed of representatives of the three umbrella organizations and the presidents of the Bioethics and Justice and Peace Commissions.

“While preserving the specificities of the various sectors, we want to develop interdisciplinarity and have a more solid operational base,” explains Davide Pesenti. For the moment, collaboration or partnerships with the training service of Caritas Switzerland, the Dignity and Development platform or the Alliance Sud coalition of development NGOs have not yet been discussed. “But we must be aware that even if expectations are high, resources remain limited.”

The voice of the Church in matters of social ethics

Social ethics can make an important contribution to respecting human dignity, freedom and the environment around the world. It highlights societal contexts, describes the challenges to be met and raises questions. It answers questions that arise based on justice, responsibility, sustainability, solidarity or subsidiarity, the press release indicates. (

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