Clothing, magic broom and Stitch toys: the kings of the great Saint-Clair clearance sale in Tulle

Since this Wednesday morning, the Saint-Clair clearance sale has been set up in the city center of Tulle. Clothing, kitchen accessories, magic broom or even backpacks bearing the image of Stitch, there is something for everyone.

“I come every year. For me, it’s a tradition.” From 10 a.m., Robert was at the Quai de la République this Wednesday morning, where the stands of the Saint-Clair clearance sale were finishing their installation. What is he coming to buy? “Nothing very specific… It gets me out,” summarizes the Tulliste, umbrella in hand. Because the sale which is being held until this evening and which offers around 90 stands, is trying to get through the drops and customers are banking on lulls to do business. Panties for 2 euros, it’s possible at the clearance sale until this evening.

There is business to be done. Like buying six knives for 10 euros, a small ring for 3 euros, panther panties for 2 euros, a dress priced at 50% off… “It’s going around a bit this morning, we’ll have more people this afternoon because that it’s Wednesday,” comments a clothing seller.Onlookers have 90 stalls to shop.

The magic broom at the fair priceaff710c98c.jpgThe magic broom has been popular since this morning. “It’s fabulous,” praises the merchant.

Trends are already emerging. In particular a broom that many onlookers take with them. At the Hantz Ritz stand, spectators are captivated by the demonstration. On wooden floors, ketchup and flour. Not exciting. But the merchant has the miracle solution: the magic broom. “It’s made of microfiber, you don’t bend down, you don’t put your hands in water or dirt… You work flat, the microfiber picks up everything, even the weight of a cat or dog, and it doesn’t drip not,” assures the young man. Another argument: “microfiber is capable of absorbing up to a liter and a half of water. It’s great when you have a flood in the bathroom or your husband has just gotten out of the shower…” The argument seems to hit the mark since, since this morning, he has already sold his brooms well. The price helped him, Hantz Ritz offers his broom at the fair price: “normally, we sell it for 30 euros on the internet. Here, it’s 10 euros, call price. The microfiber lasts between 8 months and a year and changing it costs 5 euros.”


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Stitch is everywheree67aa01947.jpgStitch is everywhere: in bags, stuffed animals, on bobs… He’s the trendy character of the summer.

The other star of the sale, undoubtedly, is Stitch, the little hero from the Disney cartoon who will be essential this summer. In bags, in bucket hats, in teddy bears, in key rings, on t-shirts and on children’s boxers, it is everywhere. And as Wednesday is Children’s Day, he may well find himself in the arms of many little walkers this afternoon.

Text: Estelle Bardelot

Photos: Fabrice Combe




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