SC Tulle continues its recruitment with the arrival of a new Fijian, Vilikisa Salawa

Tulliste Sporting Club is recruiting a Fijian international, Vilikisa Salawa, who has solid professional experience having completed several seasons in Pro D2. With his finishing qualities, he should bring a lot to the Tullist club which will remain in Federal 1 next season.

Maintained in Federal 1 next season, the Sporting club de Tulle continues its recruitment. After the announcement a few days ago of the arrival of a Fijian Sailasa Dunibitu, 23, to the 3rd line position, a new Fijian has been announced by the club on its social networks.

This is Vilikisa Salawa who plays in the center or on the wing. He measures 1.90 m and weighs 90 kg. Aged 32, he arrives from Gujan-Mestras.

33 trials in pro D2

Arriving in France in 2013, he wore the Mont-de-Marsan jersey for 4 seasons then Soyaux-Angoulême and Vannes. Vilikisa Salawa has high-level experience with 82 Pro D2 matches for 33 tries scored. He also played in the Top 14 with Agen.

The Fijian international has speed and finishing qualities that he will put to the service of the Corrèze club next season.

Sporting also recruited Matheo Fuentes, a young pillar who can also play hooker. Trained in upper Corrèze at Meymac then Ussel, he put his talent at the service of the hopes of Stade Aurillacois for 4 years. He is 19 years old.

Federal 1: a Fijian third row, first recruit of SC Tulle




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