The opinion of travel agencies: Should Swiss tourists cancel their vacation in Mallorca?

The opinion of travel agencies: Should Swiss tourists cancel their vacation in Mallorca?
The opinion of travel agencies: Should Swiss tourists cancel their vacation in Mallorca?

The people of Mallorca are angry. As the summer holidays approach, the massive influx of tourists on the island creates a housing crisis. Swiss travel agencies, for their part, do not yet seem affected by this situation. Explanations.

Thousands of people protested in Majorca against mass tourism. Under the slogan “Let’s say it’s over!”, people gathered on Saturday evening in the center of Palma, the island’s capital.

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No time ? blue News summarizes for you

  • Demonstrations took place this weekend in Mallorca – against mass tourism.
  • Many places on the island are busy and face consequences such as housing shortages, overcrowding and rising prices.
  • Meanwhile, reservations with Swiss travel agencies remain unchanged.
  • The situation is being closely monitored.

On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets of Mallorca. They protested in the capital Palma against mass tourism, which has long annoyed the natives. And as the “Mallorca Zeitung” reports, the organizers don’t want to stop anytime soon. This is just the beginning – and the summer will be “hot”.

Mallorca is also a popular destination for Swiss vacationers, as Bianca Gähweiler, spokesperson for Hotelplan, confirms in an interview with blue News: “This year again, Mallorca is one of the favorite summer destinations of our customers” .

Hotelplan is currently satisfied with the booking situation for this year’s summer holidays and is also expecting good last-minute deals.

No influence on reservation entries

At Kuoni too, we happily book on the Balearic Island. “Mallorca is continually one of the Swiss’ favorite destinations,” spokesperson Markus Flick tells blue News. “They are, however, typically not looking for holidays in busy centers, but prefer so-called ‘slow tourism’ within the country, family holidays or seaside destinations outside busy places. frequented as Magaluf or El Arenal”.

Are Swiss tour operators afraid that the situation in Mallorca will get even worse and that this will have a strong influence on summer holidays?

Gähweiler responds: “We are constantly monitoring the situation and informing our customers – if necessary – of the adaptations that have been made by the authorities.”

Qualitative development of tourism

Flick also agrees with this. And he adds: “According to our observations, Mallorca has been making various efforts for a qualitative development of tourism for some time, which we welcome.”

At Kuoni, quality tourism is a priority. These are trips that focus on quality, not quantity. And this ultimately goes in the direction of the local population, but also of the vacationers themselves.

The consequences of mass tourism

In Majorca, the atmosphere remains tense. Many tourist destinations in the country are struggling with the negative consequences of mass tourism, such as environmental degradation, traffic jams, housing shortages, overcrowding, rising prices and lack of water, as well as overloading the health sector and waste management.

A good reason for the demonstrators to take to the streets. The tense situation in the housing market, the responsibility for which is attributed to mass tourism, illegal vacation rentals and the unbridled arrival of wealthy foreigners.

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