A leap in the right direction for the Capitals

Patrick Scalabrini’s squad had the last word on their visitors from Illinois on a passed ball with two outs and the bases loaded, in the 10th inning, a victory which relieved the players and manager of a certain weight after the two weekend defeats.

With two doubles, including a two-base hit that produced the tying runs in the 6th inning, Tommy Seidl was very happy with the result, he who had not generated much offensively in the last seven games (3 in 26).

“We know that this team is capable of winning, we are fully aware of our potential, and it was a matter of time before it unlocked,” assured Seidl, pointing out the time difference of the first long two-week trip for explain the performance of the last few days.

“It’s a great team victory. We must keep the same approach for the future.

— Tommy Seidl


Tommy Seidl was very happy with the result, he who had not generated much offensively in the last seven games (3 in 26). (Jocelyn Riendeau/Le Soleil)

Scalabrini “happy”

Patrick Scalabrini’s smile said it all after the meeting. We could easily understand his good mood, he who saw some of his elements unlock on the offensive after several discreet performances.

In addition to Seidl, Marc-Antoine Lebreux (double) and Kyle Crowl (two singles in five at-bat appearances) also entertained the 1,426 spectators, encouraging signals after the two meager hits obtained Sunday against Tri-City.

“It was a funny match, I’m happy that some guys stood up, that was what we hoped for,” summed up Scalabrini. Seidl played a big match, I think it will do good mentally for Lebreux.”

“We’re far from perfect, but we found a way…”

— Patrick Scalabrini

Hernandez erratic

Scalabrini was less smiling when we pointed out the two errors of Francisco Hernandez, who was removed from the lineup during the match, replaced by Anthony Quirion at 2nd base. Juremi Profar finished the game at first and Tyler Blaum at third base.

“It has to do with his appearance at bat [un amorti raté] and his very bad match, summed up the manager while highlighting the more relaxed air of several other of his men. It’s a shame because he was one of our good players for a few matches…”


Francisco Hernandez (Jocelyn Riendeau/Le Soleil)

Harley Gollert had a good night on the mound, allowing only four hits in six innings of work. Frank Moscatiello got his third win of the year by striking out four batters in the 9th and 10th innings.

Wednesday evening, the Quebec team’s hitters will face last year’s best pitcher in the Independent Baseball Frontier League, Cole Cook.



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