Olympic Torch Relay: ask for the program!

Olympic Torch Relay: ask for the program!
Olympic Torch Relay: ask for the program!

The Olympic Flame officially arrives in Meuse on Saturday June 29, 2024.

Two convoys will cross the Meuse:

  • A convoy principal says “commitment” : in Commercy in the morning → in Bar-le-Duc at midday → in Verdun in the late afternoon
  • A convoy lighter said “agile” : in Gondrecourt (1st stage of the day) → at Lac de Madine at the end of the morning → at Verdun (Memorial – Battlefield) at the beginning of the afternoon → at Montmédy at the end of the afternoon

The city of Verdunstage city of the Torch Relay, will close the Relay in our department with thelighting of the Olympic cauldron at London Park scheduled for 7:30 p.m..

On the program for this festive day, sporting and cultural events…highlighting heritage will take place in the different places which will host the Flame, in order to involve the public in these celebrations.

Discover the program!

The “engagement” convoy


Arrival time: 10:30 a.m.

Sports side

  • Non-stop sports activities from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.: BMX track, handball, tennis, archers, rugby, disabled sports basketball, billiards
  • Photo exhibition on sport in the hall of honor of Château Stanislas
  • Aikido and judo demonstrations
  • Professional services: BMX show, hip hop

Culture side

  • Musical activities offered as a common theme by the music conservatory, in conjunction with schools
  • The Godelles will dance the samba (Brazilian percussion association Karimba Samba)
  • Dance of the Games on the Place du Fer à Cheval
  • Library animation
  • Film about the Olympics scheduled at the cinema at 6 p.m.


Passage time: 12:30 p.m.

Sports side

  • 3rd edition of the event “Terre de sports – en route to 2024”, supported by the WHO of Bar-le-Duc, in conjunction with the WHO of Fains and Ligny, will find its highlight on this occasion
  • 24 sporting activities will be offered in the heart of Bar-le-Duc: martial arts, tennis, golf, canoeing, ziplining, sports shooting, handball, badminton, breakdancing…..

Culture side

  • A banda, a joyful and festive fanfare of 10 musicians, will welcome the Flame in front of the Town Hall
  • La Battucada, well known in the sector, will mobilize around thirty musicians in several locations
  • Dance of the Games by young Barisians mobilized by schools, middle schools, high schools, USEP and UNSS


Passage time: 5:30 p.m.

Sports side

  • Aquatic sports activities on the Pré l’Evêque body of water: first dives, freediving, swimming with fins, open water swimming and fishing
  • Land sports activities: cross-training, football, rugby, urban tennis, beach volleyball, horse riding and golf
  • Presence of the Region’s roadshow system, called “3, 2, 1 Make your Games Grand Est 2024”: truck fitted out with edutainment workshops and surrounded by a sports village
  • Inauguration of the new sports and fun space in Saint-Victor (excluding relays) with sports activities: 3×3 basketball workshop, skateboard and BMX demonstrations
  • Not to be missed: the collective rowing relay on the Meuse with captain Benjamin Rondeau, athlete from the Cercle Nautique Verdunois and Olympic medalist

Culture side

  • Artistic animation on the theme of the giant Olympic Rings, created by volunteers, and representation of the lighting of the Flame in Olympia
  • Exhibition on sports champions decorated with the Croix de Guerre and the Cross of Military Valor
  • Guinguette spirit with local artists (singers, designers, DJs) and local products around and inside the covered market
  • Exhibition of children’s drawings from primary schools Avenue de la Victoire
  • Exhibition, games, activities on equality in sport and more particularly on the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP)
  • The different Verdun communities linked to the nations participating in the JOP will be represented throughout the route

The “agile” convoy


Transit time: 8:30 a.m.

Sports side

  • Horse riding, an Olympic sport particularly present in the Portes de Meuse region, will be honored in the village which hosts the Lorraine Horse Museum
  • Sports and cultural associations will come together to offer an “Olympic village” with initiations and demonstrations

Culture side

  • Dancing and singing activities along the route with children from schools and leisure centers
  • The dance of the Games will be there
  • Presence of the microfolie workshop to introduce e-sport with small tournaments

Madine Lake

Check-in time: 11:30 a.m.

Sports side

  • Stands and workshops for different land sports practices (handball, golf, horse riding, voluntary gym)
  • Exhibition on Olympism and French athletes by the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee
  • Highlighting different nautical practices (diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing, navigation) at the arrival of the Flame route at the Port of Nonsard
  • Demonstrations by the Departmental Archery Committee at the leisure center, outside the Relay

Culture side

  • Presence of the Coeur de Lorraine Tourist Office (tourist information, nature stands, memory tourism, leisure activities, local artists, wine growers)
  • Puzzle walk alongside the Relay which will allow families to enjoy the day in a different way
  • Concerts planned in the afternoon and at the end of the day to enhance a special summer day for visitors to Lake Madine

Verdun Battlefield

Passage time: 2:30 p.m.

Sports side

  • Sports activities will not be present, unlike the other territories crossed
  • A principle of sobriety guides the preparation of this sequence, organized on a site with strong symbolic and memorial significance.
  • The symbolism of the Flame Relay passing from hand to hand embodies the transmission of History from generation to generation

Culture side

  • This sequence is designed as a cultural event complementary to the more sporting one which takes place in the city of Verdun
  • Artistic intervention by a duo of internationally renowned visual artists
  • Participation of Franco-German youth planned by the Douaumont Ossuary teams

Memorial – Verdun battlefield – Iconic place
The work, like its activation, is thought of as a link between the Olympic Flame and the light of the Memorial defined by Maurice Genevoix in his inauguration speech in 1967 on this same square: “May the light that will watch here guide visitors towards peace.“The work will carry a message of hope and peace.

Limited attendance on this sequence
Security requirements, inherent to the specificity of the place and its strong memorial significance, require that public reception be controlled.
A general public registration campaign will be deployed to take part in this unique event.


Passage time: 5:00 p.m.

Sports side

  • Pétanque or Aikido workshops on the infirmary square, badminton or even running, near the communal casemates
  • Introduction to medieval combat, magnetic dart games but also many games for young and old that will mark the citadel
  • Climbing wall open to all to discover this Olympic discipline on the citadel grounds

Culture side

  • Introduction to and discovery of musical instruments and other artistic activities (giant canvas on the theme of Olympics, etc.)
  • Country dance demonstrations and initiations
  • Opening ceremony prepared and orchestrated by Souvenir Français
  • Exhibitions created by young local schoolchildren




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