Seine-et-Marne: victim of vishing by a fake bank advisor, he wants to avoid scamming others

Seine-et-Marne: victim of vishing by a fake bank advisor, he wants to avoid scamming others
Seine-et-Marne: victim of vishing by a fake bank advisor, he wants to avoid scamming others


Julien Van Caeyseele

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May 28, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.

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“Societe Generale Info: fraud alert. A new device has connected to your space for a transfer. If you are not the originator, please contact this number…” Here is the message from Marc, a septuagenarian from Vert-Saint-Denis (Seine et Marne), received on his phone, Sunday April 14, 2024. Although he immediately smelled a scam, he still had nearly €5,000 stolen from his A booklet…

“I panicked”: a septuagenarian victim of vishing

A substantial sum for this retiree who filed a complaint for fraud, at the beginning of May, with the local judicial police service, in Moissy-Cramayel, after this use of a villainous means of mobile communication.

This technique, called vishing – contraction of voice (voice in English) and phishing (phishing) – also called bank advisor scamaims to make victims carry out fraudulent transactions.

“I immediately thought it was a scam when I received the SMS,” he remembers. It wasn’t my exact bank card number…” In the process, a man called him and introduced himself as a bank advisor from the Societe Generale.

Cautiously, he hangs up on his interlocutor, but by connecting to his personal space, he notices a fraudulent transfer of 950 euros. “I panicked and called the text number back,” he admits. I don’t know how it’s possible, but he credited me the amount in real time! »

The next day, he receives another phone call: on his smartphone, the name of his advisor that he recorded appears on his phone. However, it is a man on the other end of the phone. “I didn’t enter any code or identifier,” he promises, still very marked by his misadventure. He was very reassuring, it was well established. »

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Distrust is essential

According to the specialized government site Cybermalveillance, distrust is essential for all alarming messages or calls. Usernames and passwords must never be communicated. Furthermore, you should never validate a transaction which you are not at the origin of, even if someone claims that it is to cancel it… If you are a victim, you must file an opposition as soon as possible and keep all evidence (telephone numbers, messages, etc.) before filing a complaint. A report can also be made on the Perceval platform and advice can be obtained on the Info Escroqueries platform, managed by the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the site specializing in digital threats, the scheme consists of deceiving the victim into validating fraudulent transactions on their accounts. “I was like hypnotized, I was afraid of losing money, but numbers were scrolling through my phone, I didn’t understand what was happening…”

In the end, he claims to have had nearly €5,000 stolen and is now fighting to recover it from his bank. “I immediately put a stop on my card, while the transfer was still in progress, I don’t understand why the bank refuses to reimburse me,” he laments.

When contacted, Société Générale indicated that it was unable to comment on a particular case due to the banking secret, but specifies that “each file is studied on a case-by-case basis. »

A popular scam

Based on regulations, “the bank refuses reimbursements when it appears that the contested fraudulent transactions were authorized,” Société Générale is told.

The bank may refuse reimbursement when it is established that customers have intentionally or through gross negligence failed to meet their obligations, particularly with regard to the security of means of payment. »

For his part, Marc assures that he has not provided any confidential data on his account or his personal space. “I of course want to recover this sum, which is substantial for my small retirement, but also to testify to prevent other people from being cheated,” he insists.

An investigation was opened after the scam. If the modus operandi is in full expansion in France, according to a police Source, this is the first time that a complaint for such facts has been filed in the vicinity of Melun.

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