A seafood restaurant, with dishes for around fifteen euros, has just opened in Nancy

A seafood restaurant, with dishes for around fifteen euros, has just opened in Nancy
A seafood restaurant, with dishes for around fifteen euros, has just opened in Nancy


Paul-Emile Bouchy

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May 28, 2024 at 11:08 a.m.

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In the downtown Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), new places to eat or have a drink have multiplied since the start of 2024, like Brasserie Simone, near the station or Bistrot Georgette, at the foot of the cathedral.

The central market is no exception to the rule. Since April 16, the Poulpo restaurant, dedicated to seafood, opened. Lorraine News met his manager.

A new restaurant in the heart of Nancy’s central market

In mid-April, Poulpo replaced the former “Le Banc Iodé” establishment in the heart of the central market. At its head, Maxime L’Huillier30 years old, opens his first establishment: “After 6 years working in audiovisual for the University of Lorraine, I decided to retrain in my passion: cooking“.

CAP in hand and experience at “Comptoir Saint-Michel”, in Ville Vieille, he was approached to take over this restaurant. “I like working with seafood and fish. Being in the heart of the central market, it’s a beautiful location,” he rejoices.

In the central market, there is a micro-village aspect that I like. It’s a bit of a living spectacle every day. We work together, we help each other out.

Maxime L’HuillierPoulpo restaurant manager

“From stall to plate”

As its name suggests, Poulpo is a fish and seafood restaurant. Our products come directly from the Schaller fishmonger which is right next to us. We serve dishes from the stall to the plate, explains Maxime L’Huillier. Moreover, during the week, some regulars spot a sole at the fishmonger and ask us if we can make them a sole meunière. We adapt, that’s also the advantage of being in the market.”

With dishes included between 13 and 17 euros, the restaurant’s menu changes every week to adapt to seasonality. “Like vegetables, there are seasons for seafood. For example, we have just entered the mussel season,” says the restaurateur. On the other hand, the signature dish is always present : octopus served with chorizo, chimichurri sauce and fries.

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On the drinks side, the establishment offers a wide choice of natural wines which go well with seafood. “For the moment, the start is good. We have a lot of regulars who come back and we also hope to attract a young office clientele,” concludes Mr. L’Huillier.

Poulpo Restaurant
Nancy central market
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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