Stéphan Bureau will host a large set at Télé-Québec

Stéphan Bureau will host a large set at Télé-Québec
Stéphan Bureau will host a large set at Télé-Québec

In A wonderful time, each week he will address three major upheavals currently affecting our society. Not to highlight the worrying elements, but on the contrary to draw out the positive effects.

“I invite us to silence our anxiety by embracing this wonderful time with all that it contains to reflect on, to discuss and, why not, to laugh?” confided the host in a press release.

Stéphan Bureau will receive guests to reflect on these big questions.

The show is produced by Sphère Média, which produced The world upside downthe short-lived TVA debate program hosted by Bureau.

Ironically, Sphere had lost production of the show to Attraction, which was never able to put its signature on it since TVA pulled the plogue a few weeks before the start of a second season.

“Never in forty years of professional life have I seen such a way of doing things,” Stéphan Bureau wrote at the time on his LinkedIn account.

Several had denounced this last minute decision, justified by “significant losses […] during the second quarter financial results,” indicated Quebecor Media.

It was just a few months before TVA Group cut 550 positions in a reorganization currently underway. Employees still on the job will permanently leave the building on Boulevard de Maisonneuve in Montreal during the summer to move into the building on Montreal Journal on Frontenac Street.

Stéphan Bureau has since increased his activities, bringing back his series Contact in podcast form and reporting on TVA live from Paris.

We were also able to see him interview Marie-France Bazzo on Télé-Québec recently.

The format of its new major meeting will be announced soon.

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