Tiger mosquito: paid fight in the canton of Vaud

Tiger mosquito: paid fight in the canton of Vaud
Tiger mosquito: paid fight in the canton of Vaud

Measures to combat the tiger mosquito are effective and are continuing in the canton of Vaud. According to the authorities, it is possible to slow down its spread, or even eradicate it in certain cases. The population is always invited to collaborate.

Following the 2023 campaign, the canton of Vaud identified populations established in the municipalities of Nyon, Préverenges and Lausanne. It also received new signals in the municipalities of Crissier, Bussigny, Pully and Vevey, it said in a press release published Tuesday.

Reason to rejoice, during the year 2023, the town of Bourg-en-Lavaux (Cully) got rid of the tiger mosquito thanks to the excellent work carried out on site. Trélex and Prilly have also been successfully treated in previous years, which confirms the usefulness and effectiveness of preventive measures.

Traps to attract females

This year, monitoring is taking place in the municipalities of Nyon, Préverenges, Bussigny, Crissier, Lausanne, Cully, Vevey, Aigle, Bex and Yverdon. In total, 69 nesting traps have been distributed in places likely to attract possible females ready to lay eggs and will be recorded every two weeks.

Municipal employees benefit from training and support during the season. In the event of a positive reading, treatment is carried out immediately by the authorities using a targeted action biocide, without impact on the rest of the environment, and surveillance is increased. It has already been carried out at the end of April in Nyon, Préverenges, Crissier and Lausanne.

The public is invited to collaborate by eliminating all places favorable to egg laying, that is to say small collections of inert water (water bowls, old tires, holes in the walls, abandoned uncovered containers, watering cans , etc.) and to report any mosquitoes active during the day on the national platform www.moustiques-suisse.ch.

Pipe outlets

The canton of Geneva announced on Monday that it will treat 8,000 pipe openings in the coming weeks with a biological anti-larvae. More than ten Geneva municipalities and cantonal services have already organized and equipped themselves.

According to the press release, colonization is accelerating in Geneva. Reported for the first time in 2019, it was already noted over 8 km in 2022, while in 2023 its presence affected no less than 46 km2.

In Valais too, its population is growing. The canton announced last week that it would intensify its strategy. Fifty traps will be in operation throughout the cantonal territory.

National surveillance

The tiger mosquito is monitored throughout Switzerland due to its potential danger to health. It can transmit different diseases such as dengue fever, Zika virus or Chikungunya. So far, no infections in the territory have yet been recorded.

The stinging insect was spotted for the first time in Switzerland in Ticino in 2003. It was reported in Basel in 2015, then in Graubünden, in the city of Zurich, in the cantons of Vaud, Geneva and Valais in particular. .

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