Football: Steven Zuber, the unexpected return of the prodigy passer

Steven Zuber, the unexpected return of the prodigy passer

Published today at 4:30 p.m.

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The matter seems settled. A few weeks ago, Murat Yakin personally went to meet Steven Zuber in Athens. Leading figure of AEK, six goals and four assists this season, Zuber has found the fire again. Three years ago, during Euro 2021, he was the player who multiplied the assists, he also finished the tournament with the title of best passer (four goals triggered by his last passes). And then Yakin has already said it: Switzerland will play with a three-central defense, which requires strong men on the lanes. Here: exactly the place where Steven Zuber shone. The matter seems settled, yes.

In the logic of things, this man should be part of the Swiss selection for the Euro, even if he has been forgotten by Yakin since June 2023 (29 minutes against Andorra, nothing since). The competition is great, since Yakin has summoned 38 players to St. Gallen in total, 23 are already there. But everything speaks in favor of the 32-year-old from Zurich. Really?

What did Yakin say to him a few weeks ago, in Greece? “He asked me how I was,” Zuber laughs. No, we talked, of course. It’s nice to see the coach come and find you. I’m no one to have waited for this, so that’s nice. And now I’m here. I believe in my abilities, I am positive, regardless of the position, I am like all players: I want to be on the field.

The first training was this Monday. The serious things will really begin next week, when the exempt internationals (injuries or rest) will have joined the group.

Daniel Visentini has been a journalist for the Sport Center since 2018. He was the head of the Sports section of the Tribune de Genève for seven years. He closely follows football news, particularly that of Servette FC and the Swiss team.More informations

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