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Updated 05/28/2024

Press release of May 28, 2024

The Haut-Rhin prefecture is organizing a civil security exercise within the Tronox/Vynova PPC companies in Thann/Vieux-Thann (classified as high-threshold Seveso sites), on Monday June 3, 2024, in partnership with municipalities (elected officials and municipal services). ), the Haut-Rhin fire and rescue service (SIS68), the Haut-Rhin departmental gendarmerie group, the regional directorate for the environment, planning and housing (DREAL), the authority health (ARS), the management of the departmental services of National Education, the road manager (European Community of Alsace) and the operators of the site.

This exercise aims to test the specific intervention plan (PPI) for the Tronox/Vynova PPC sites as well as the coordination of services and actions in the event of an accident on the Thann/Vieux-Thann chemical platform.

The five neighboring municipalities: Aspach-Michelbach, Leimbach, Steinbach, Thann and Vieux-Thann will also participate in this training by activating their municipal command post and their municipal protection plan.

The scenario will simulate an accident representing a toxic risk for the populations of communities close to the site.

Implementation of this plan will result in the triggering of sirens used to warn the population of an accident on the site (sirens of municipalities and Seveso sites in the sector), according to the same methods as in the event of a real accident:

As part of this exercise, the FR-Alert device will also be tested.

FR-Alert is a population alert system that allows notifications to be sent to mobile phones in an area facing danger. People present at the time of the test in the municipalities concerned will be able to receive two fictitious alerts on their mobile phone.

These notifications will not require any action or response from the people who receive them.

This exercise also aims to raise awareness among populations of the risk and safety instructions in the event of an alert.

Also, schools, medico-social establishments, cultural and sporting establishments, extracurricular establishments, shops and businesses in the sector are invited to test, on this occasion, their internal containment procedure planned in the event of a chemical risk.

Throughout the exercise, numerous vehicles will be deployed around the site, including security and rescue forces. Smoke bombs will be used on company sites; the cloud of smoke may be visible from the outside. The police will be present at the various closure points, without impact on traffic within the perimeter of the exercise. The roads and traffic routes will therefore remain accessible for the population.

VSand exercise will have no impact on local life.

In order to measure the impact of this system, the Haut-Rhin prefecture has decided to put an anonymous survey online concerning this exercise of June 3, 2024.

The survey will be available on the prefecture website by following the link: https://www.haut-rhin.gouv.fr/Actions-de-l-Etat/Securite-et-protection-de-la-population/Defense-et-protection-civile/Gestion-de-crise

Finally, to allow the full mobilization of the stakeholders involved, this exercise will not be open to the media. Journalists interested in an assessment at the end of the exercise, on the actions implemented and the personnel deployed, are invited to contact: [email protected]



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