he sells his car on the internet, a very bad surprise awaits him

he sells his car on the internet, a very bad surprise awaits him
he sells his car on the internet, a very bad surprise awaits him

It was a terrible event that occurred in Saint-Ferréol-d’Auroure, in the Haute-Loire department. Alexis, a young worker, was scammed after selling his car on the internet. As reported by BFM TV, it was in December 2022 that he put his German sedan up for sale, almost new, for the sum of 25,000 euros. Having found a buyer, the young man was delighted with the check he had just received before realizing that it was a fake check. When it was deposited, it was in fact refused by the bank. “It turned out that the check was forged. In fact it had to be returned beforehand, they made a perfect copy of it and it was a copy that they gave me.” said Alexis.

The vehicle found

Alerted, the police did everything to find the vehicle and finally managed to get their hands on it. But the latter had already been resold by the alleged crook. The car was therefore seized during the investigation but it took time. The vehicle has been parked in the parking lot of a police station two hours from Alexis’s house for a year and a half. “I hope to get my car back and I hope not to sit on 25,000 euros. I want to either find my car or get some money back but I don’t want to end up with nothing.” he lamented.

Check scam: what to do?

As BFM TV pointed out, this check scam is frequent and can easily deceive (…)

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