Federer still has problems with his megavilla in Switzerland

The scale of “Federer-City” is impressive: six buildings, an underground car park and sports facilities.Image: dr

The tennis star’s odyssey around her dream villa on Lake Zurich continues. Roger Federer, however, seemed to have almost achieved his goal – but only almost.

It has been more than five years since the former tennis champion built a small town for himself and his family in Rapperswil-Jona (SG), directly on the shores of Lake Zurich. Oppositions, old master plans and a dispute over the access road to the banks have constantly postponed the completion of his property since 2019. The pandemic did the rest. But today, Roger Federer almost seems to have achieved his goal.

A look at the site shows that the planned houses are almost complete. The scale of “Federer-City” is impressive: six one- to two-story buildings, an underground car park and sports facilities make up the family’s new property, located directly on Lake Zurich. Even the swimming pool, close to the shore, is already visible on the 16,000 to 18,000 square meter plot. Experts estimate that Federer spent between 40 and 60 million in 2019, just for the court.

July 2019, before the start of work. Federer’s court was one of the last in Rapperswil-Jona with access to the lake.Image: dr

But not all of the tennis star’s plans have come true yet. There is still one detail missing: its boathouse – and this is where the opposition arises again. As revealed Switzerland currentthe “Rives Publiques” association filed an appeal with the canton of Saint-Gall.

July 2021. One house has already been built, the first outlines of the others are visible.

July 2021. One house has already been built, the first outlines of the others are visible.image: dr

“I have nothing against Roger Federer, nor against the other local residents,” Victor von Wartburg, president of the association, told SRF.

“But they must not deprive the people of their banks”

If the boathouse is permitted, this could set a precedent for all of Switzerland. “A lot of people would then say ‘if Roger Federer could have had it, why not me’. The bank would then risk being blocked everywhere,” explains von Wartburg.

Federer created a small empire for his family.

Federer created a small empire for his family.Image: dr

Raphael Hartmann, from the St. Gallen building and environment department, confirms to SRF that he has received the objection. He is not surprised:

“The building permit application had already been the subject of opposition. We expected that the concession request would also be opposed by the canton.”

A little more patience for Federer: the clarification process should last around two months. (yno)

Translated and adapted from German by Léa Krejci

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