Additional credits approved, particularly in asylum

Additional credits approved, particularly in asylum
Additional credits approved, particularly in asylum


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May 28, 2024 – 1:24 p.m.

(Keystone-ATS) The National Council approved on Tuesday the eleven additional credits requested for 2024 by the Federal Council, including 255.1 million for the field of asylum. He also endorsed an increase in federal support for the women’s Euro football tournament scheduled for 2025.

For the National Council, the event must benefit from support of 15 million francs, eleven more than the 4 planned by the Federal Council.

This amount must be used for the promotion of sport, international communication and the integration of public transport into event tickets. A fifth of this increase must be compensated within the departments.

In detail, the National approved by 100 votes to 93 an additional credit of 1 million francs and a commitment credit of 5 million for Suisse Tourisme. PLR and UDC were opposed to it. The deputies validated the same sums in favor of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) for a ticket combined with public transport.

Federal asylum centers

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) now expects 33,000 asylum requests for 2024, to which should be added around 25,000 requests for S status, significantly more than planned in the budget (respectively 20′ 000 and 10,000 requests).

The Federal Council therefore requested and obtained an additional 255.1 million francs. Of this sum, 239 million are necessary to ensure the operation of additional reception structures and provide additional accommodation places.

The remaining 16.1 million must be used to increase the processing capacity of the SEM by creating temporary additional positions in order to avoid a further increase in backlog of asylum applications. Switzerland must assume its responsibilities, noted Laurence Fehlmann Rielle (PS/GE) for the commission.

The UDC opposed the entire package. The efficiency of the administration must be increased, underlined Roman Bürgi (UDC/SZ). And to deplore that the Confederation has no control over the figures or the costs of asylum.

The PLR, for its part, pleaded for a reduction in operating expenses from 71.7 million to 167.3 million. This is about increasing pressure so that cases are resolved more quickly, argued Peter Schilliger (PLR/LU). His proposal was rejected by 98 votes to 95.

605 million

In total, the People’s Chamber approved additional credits amounting to 605.5 million francs, or two million more than what the Federal Council requested.

The deputies also approved, by 127 votes to 63, the 2023 accounts of the Confederation, which show a structural deficit of 1.4 billion francs.

The Council of States has yet to decide.



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