“Some patients have already said they are very troubled, disturbed”: an Aveyron doctor under an obligation to leave the territory

“Some patients have already said they are very troubled, disturbed”: an Aveyron doctor under an obligation to leave the territory
“Some patients have already said they are very troubled, disturbed”: an Aveyron doctor under an obligation to leave the territory

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The measure pronounced by the Aveyron prefecture must be effective from May 31. Healthcare workers are united and will demonstrate this Tuesday, May 28 in front of the Millau sub-prefecture.

Faces closed, the staff of the Millau mental health center huddle together in the meeting room. This Monday morning, at the time of a press conference, everyone wants to mark their incomprehension regarding the recent decision of the prefecture of Aveyron not to renew the residence permit of a psychiatrist (associated practitioner with a diploma outside the European Union).

“We are stunned that one of our three doctors, who has been working with us for 18 months, will be forced to leave the country at the end of the week” summarizes Marie-Caroline Espié, nurse. Which underlines that “this departure will cause a big problem for the monitoring and continuity of care in the southern Aveyron basin.”

“Some patients have already said they are very troubled, disturbed”

“Some patients have already said they are very troubled, disturbed, in panic. » The nurse paints the picture of psychiatry “which may be perceived from the outside as rare. But no ! Everyone can go there at some point in their life. They are burnouts, depression, adolescents with suicidal thoughts. Without a doctor, all the caregivers around can no longer work. »

A motion of support was voted on at the second national citizens’ conference on psychological care organized on May 24 and 25 in Paris. Which, insisting on “the inhumanity and absurdity of this OQTF measure (obligation to leave French territory, Editor’s note)” expressed their “demand that this arbitrary decision be reconsidered. May this departure not aggravate the desert medical center of the fifth sector South Aveyron Such situations have already been resolved by the ARS (regional health agency) in other regions.

Risk of interruption of care

Éric Animat, Sud santé social nurse, discusses “the real risk of disruption for the long-term follow-up of patients. The departure of a psychiatrist will lead to an extension of appointment scheduling and the risk of abandonment of treatment of certain patients, not to mention the health of our two remaining doctors who will have to work many more hours on duty… With a risk of burnout and interruption of care.”

And to recall, in passing, the increasing figure concerning the general rate of depression in the French population. “In two to three years we have gone from 10% to more than 20%! Our administrative and health authorities should therefore take this tense situation into account.”

A meeting with the sub-prefect of Millau this Tuesday, May 28

While waiting for the meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, May 28 at the end of the day with the sub-prefect of Millau, Jean-Dominique Gonzales, head doctor of the psychiatry center, details a figure to remember: “we regularly treat more than 1,500 people. This concerns psychiatric emergencies as well as dangerous situations, because psychiatry also affects the safety of the citizen.

Jean-Dominique Gonzalez shares his recent interview with environmentalist MP Sandrine Rousseau. “She chairs the parliamentary commission of inquiry into psychiatric emergencies. I pointed out to her that the psychiatry of South Aveyron has two general hospitals for 75,000 inhabitants. We support patients and can handle suicidal emergencies within 24 hours. our colleague is leaving, we will continue to provide emergencies and hospitalizations but the consultation appointment times will not lengthen, they will stop so I am very worried!

When contacted, the sub-prefect of Millau was unable to respond because of the electoral reserve period which began this Monday. The ARS also did not respond to our requests


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