Tried for rape, Tariq Ramadan receives support from his wife

Tried for rape, Tariq Ramadan receives support from his wife
Tried for rape, Tariq Ramadan receives support from his wife

Tried for rape in Geneva, Tariq Ramadan receives support from his wife.


Tariq Ramadan is not a “violent” person, his wife assured Tuesday on the second day of his appeal trial in Geneva, for rape and sexual coercion, charges of which he was acquitted last year.

In this case, the complainant, 58, who calls herself “Brigitte” to protect herself from threats, accuses the Swiss Islamologist of having subjected her to brutal sexual acts accompanied by beatings and insults in the bedroom of the Geneva hotel where he was staying on the night of October 28, 2008.

She filed a complaint ten years after the events.

On Tuesday, the defense called to the bar of the criminal appeal and review chamber of the canton of Geneva its only witness, Iman Ramadan, his wife, who had already given him her support at first instance.

“I remain convinced, as I was from the first second, of my husband’s innocence,” she said

“Like everyone, he is not perfect, but he has a fault that I do not know about him, and that is violence. In my opinion, violence is something that cannot be hidden. If my husband had violence in him, physical or psychological, I would know it,” she said.

Tariq Ramadan, 61, was acquitted on May 24, 2023 of charges of rape and sexual coercion by the Geneva Criminal Court, arguing the absence of evidence, contradictory testimonies, including from psychiatrists, and “messages of love » sent by the complainant after the facts.

He denies any sexual act and claimed at first instance to have allowed himself to be kissed before quickly ending the exchange.

In France, the Paris Court of Appeal will rule on June 27 on the Islamologist’s appeal against his referral to the departmental criminal court for the rape of four women between 2009 and 2016, the general prosecutor’s office having requested the abandonment prosecutions for three of them and ruled out any notion of control.

Mr. Ramadan had first contested any sexual act with the accusers before recognizing extramarital sexual relations “of domination”, rough but “consensual”.

His wife rejected Tuesday before the Swiss court the idea that her husband could have “double talk” on a personal level towards her. “He simply kept silent” about certain actions, “and the day he decided to talk about it, he took responsibility for it.”

She also took up the arguments of her husband who poses as the victim of a “group of women”, affirming that his detractors “used the Metoo movement to discredit him” on a private level.




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