This beach 2 hours from Montreal is the perfect summer oasis to enjoy summer weekends

Just a two-hour drive from Montreal is a true natural gem that attracts nature lovers and summer relaxation enthusiasts: the Mont-Tremblant National Park Beach. Nestled in the heart of the national park of the same name, this beach offers a unique experience, combining refreshing swimming and total immersion in nature.

A natural paradise to discover

When the summer heat is felt and the call of water is heard, the National Park Beach du Mont-Tremblant is the ideal place to refresh and recharge your batteries. Nestled on the shores of magnificent Lake Monroe, this beach offers crystal clear waters where you can swim in complete tranquility. Surrounded by the wild beauty of the Laurentians, it offers a picturesque setting for a relaxing day outdoors.

Swimming and aquatic leisure activities

Whether you love sunbathing on the hot sand or prefer to indulge in the pleasures of swimming, the Beach of Mont-Tremblant National Park has something to satisfy all your desires. The clear waters of Lake Monroe are perfect for cooling off on hot summer days. You can also rent water recreation equipment, such as kayaks or paddleboards, to explore the surrounding area from a new vantage point.

Hiking and wildlife watching

In addition to aquatic activities, the Mont-Tremblant National Park region is full of picturesque hiking trails that will allow you to discover the natural beauty of this corner of paradise. Take the opportunity to go on an excursion to discover the surrounding landscapes, from majestic mountains to green forests. You will also have the chance to observe local wildlife including deer, beavers and a wide variety of birds.

Picnic and relaxation

For a perfect day at the beach, don’t forget to bring a delicious picnic that you can enjoy with family or friends. The shaded picnic areas of the national park provide an ideal setting to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. Sit back comfortably, enjoy a good meal and let yourself be lulled by the gentle sound of the waves.

Useful information

The Mont-Tremblant National Park Beach is open during the summer season, generally from May to September. Access to the beach is included in the national park entrance fee, which you can purchase at the park entrance or online in advance. Be sure to arrive early, as parking may be limited on busy days. Don’t forget to bring everything you need for a comfortable day at the beach, including sunscreen, towels, and drinking water.

In summary, the Mont-Tremblant National Park Beach is an ideal getaway to escape the summer heat of Montreal and reconnect with nature. With its crystal clear waters, picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities, it promises an unforgettable day for everyone who visits it.



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