Teacher stabbed by a high school student in Maine-et-Loire: 5 things to know about the case

Teacher stabbed by a high school student in Maine-et-Loire: 5 things to know about the case
Teacher stabbed by a high school student in Maine-et-Loire: 5 things to know about the case

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Five things to know about the stabbing of a teacher by a student at Chemillé-en-Anjou high school (Maine-et-Loire).

Monday May 27, 2024, the Chemillé-en-Anjou high school (Maine-et-Loire) was the scene of a stabbing attack perpetrated by an 18-year-old high school student on his English teacher. Here are 5 things to know about this case.

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Religious motive ruled out: student pleads discomfort

“We rule out any religious motive, declared the public prosecutor of Angers, Eric Bouillard, in a press release taken up by AFP. We are not dealing with a case of radicalization. The only thing he expresses, it is a discomfort in his life”. The prosecutor specifies that the young man was not the victim of school harassment. During his custody, he also made “consistent comments” to investigators.

His classmates describe a laughing student

If the high school student describes himself as a victim of “discomfort”, his classmates describe a young man who is “funny and cheerful”. For others, he was an “introverted” student. At the Hyrôme comprehensive high school where he had been studying for 3 years, the person concerned had never “marked negatively” with behavioral problems according to a press release from the authorities relayed by AFP. Furthermore, the young man was unknown to the police and judicial services according to the magistrate.

The knife was purchased in advance, but the victim was allegedly chosen at random

According to the prosecutor, the student had no “grievance” against his teacher. “The victim does not seem to have been chosen in advance,” he adds. “She simply had the misfortune of being the first professor to have crossed her path.” The student nevertheless premeditated an act according to the prosecutor. On May 23, 2024, four days before the events, he obtained the bladed weapon used during the attack. “He sees this knife and he buys it knowing that he is going to do something with it,” relates the prosecutor quoted by AFP. The weapon is hidden in his school bag.

A courteous exchange and sudden aggression

When entering class, the high school student would have had “a courteous exchange” with his teacher about his absence due to illness the previous days, relates the prosecutor. The latter gives students a mid-morning break. When he returned to class, the student grabbed him from behind and stabbed him in the face, causing panic in the class, said the prosecutor. “It’s a very small establishment, so we know a little bit about everyone,” a first year student told AFPTV. “She wasn’t a hated teacher. It’s true that no one really knows why.”

Light injury, deep trauma

The English teacher suffered a minor injury to her cheek. Although his life is not in danger, “the psychological impact will be very strong,” says the prosecutor. Aged 50, the latter had been teaching at the establishment for two decades. The academic director of National Education Services Benoît Dechambre, quoted by AFP, describes her as “experienced” and knowledgeable “her job”.

0.6% of teachers victims of violence each year

On the social network X (formerly Twitter), Nicole Belloubet, Minister of National Education, declared herself deeply shocked and indignant. “I send my thoughts to the victim and to the entire educational community,” she added.

During her English class, a teacher was attacked in Maine-et-Loire.

Deeply shocked and indignant, I send my thoughts to the victim and to the entire educational community.

The suspected student was arrested and a listening cell was set up.

— Nicole Belloubet (@NBelloubet) https://twitter.com/NBelloubet/status/1795091492211450195?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Each year, 12% of National Education personnel report being victims of threats or insults in the exercise of their profession, while 0.6% report experiencing physical violence from students or parents of students. according to the INSEE Living Environment and Safety (CVS) survey.



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