Only 5% chance of seeing Marner return to Toronto, says Frank Seravalli

Only 5% chance of seeing Marner return to Toronto, says Frank Seravalli
Only 5% chance of seeing Marner return to Toronto, says Frank Seravalli

When the Maple Leafs lost (again) in the first round of the playoffs to the Boston Bruins, the rumor machine was back on track. After so many disappointments, Toronto must still be realistic and make changes to its core.

But who should go?

Auston Matthews? No, he’s the face of your team and he almost scored 70 goals in a single season. William Nylander? No, you just gave him a contract extension and he was the most valuable player to your team during the last few games of this last series. John Tavares? No, his age and salary lower his value.

The only player Core Four who we haven’t named is Mitch Marner. It is precisely his name that is circulating in all kinds of transaction rumors sending him anywhere, as long as it is somewhere other than Toronto.

Marner proved during the first round series that he may not be cut out to be one of the best players on a Stanley Cup contending team. His reaction in game four of the series proved that he struggles with adversity.

We’re still talking to you about Marner because Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff gave his opinion on this subject during the May 19 edition of the podcast DFO Rundown.

Seravalli explains that, in his opinion, there would only be a 5% chance of seeing Mitch Marner back in a Maple Leafs uniform for the start of the 2024-25 season. Only 5%!

That’s a pretty crazy statement, especially when we now know that the Leafs have not asked Marner to waive his no-trade clause. Seravalli, however, is convinced that Marner is not good in the playoffs and that is why he must leave.

The Canadian forward will expire, in 2024-25, the last campaign of his contract worth $10.903 million per season. The team that acquires him will certainly want to try to sign him to a contract extension as soon as the transaction is completed.

Even if he doesn’t perform very well in the playoffs, we’re still talking about a player who has produced 85 points or more in each of his last three seasons. He’s going to be expensive and the team that acquires him won’t want to risk losing him.

Seravalli is also convinced that a housekeeping is needed on defense in Toronto. He thinks it’s time to trade defenseman Morgan Rielly before he starts to slow down and lose value. He may only be 30 years old, but he has five years remaining on his $7.5 million per campaign contract.

A housekeeping is necessary in Toronto and the team will have to be kept an eye on during the off-season.

You can listen to the entire podcast DFO Rundown here.

A lot of

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