The geothermal site in the Jura fears new action

The geothermal site in the Jura fears new action
The geothermal site in the Jura fears new action

People demonstrate against the geothermal project on Friday May 24, 2024 in Glovelier (JU).Keystone

Last Friday, around a hundred people demonstrated in front of the site. The management of Geo-Energie Jura fears further excesses and prefers to cancel a media visit planned for Wednesday.

The tension around the deep geothermal project in Haute-Sorne (JU) has not subsided. Geo-Energie Jura announced on Monday that it had canceled the press conference planned for Wednesday on the site for fear that certain opponents would disrupt this event with illegal actions.

“We cannot exclude that there could be excesses, with some demonstrators seeking media attention. Safety comes first.”

Olivier Zingg, director of Geo-Energie Jura

Contacted, the cantonal police for their part indicated that they had no signals regarding possible action.

Criminal complaint

Olivier Zingg confirmed that a complaint will be filed for violation of property and material damage, particularly to barriers. He reiterated that Friday’s incidents were unacceptable while noting that security had worked well with the rapid arrival of the police and the presence of a security company.

Geo-Energie Suisse and Geo-Energie Jura invited the media to a press conference followed by a site visit on Wednesday. This involved providing information on the drilling work, on the safety measures and on the continuation of the operations planned for this project. “We did not have an emergency to communicate,” noted the director.

The Responsible Citizens Jura (CRJ) association, which was not at the origin of Friday’s demonstration, but which supported it, once again believes that this project must be stopped. “The tension is palpable if you listen to the people in the street,” Jack Aubry, president of CRJ, told Keystone-ATS.

Vandalism and demonstration

The project’s first drilling began on May 21 and is expected to reach a depth of approximately 4,000 meters by September. Part of the population and the political world are showing concern, even outright hostility. She fears that this experiment will carry risks of seismicity and affect water withdrawals.

The cancellation of the press conference illustrates this tension which remains high. Slogans hostile to deep geothermal energy are plastered in the field adjacent to the drilling site. In September, a thousand opponents expressed their refusal of geothermal energy during a demonstration in Delémont. Acts of vandalism also took place. (sda/ats)

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A ATM located in La Brévine was attacked with explosives by thugs. This modus operandi is increasing in border areas, to the point that several Neuchâtel and Jura aircraft will be closed.

An ATM of the Banque cantonale neuchâteloise (BCN) in La Brévine (NE) was destroyed with an explosive during the night from Sunday to Monday, around 1:40 a.m.



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