SENEGAL-SUISSE-ECONOMY / Prospecting: a delegation of Senegalese employers will soon visit Switzerland (minister) – Senegalese press agency

Dakar, May 27 (APS) – The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Serigne Guèye Diop, announced Monday that a delegation of Senegalese employers will travel to Switzerland “before the end of the year to create joint -venture with industrialists in order to boost the Senegalese economy”.

“Before the end of the year, a delegation that I will lead will go to Switzerland to meet industry bosses to create joint ventures with the aim of boosting Senegalese industry,” he indicated. .

The minister was speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with a Swiss economic mission of around fifteen “large companies and SMEs” staying in Senegal.

The Swiss economic mission in Senegal aims to maintain and deepen bilateral economic and trade relations and to take the pulse of business needs, the minister said.

“Our country has always curled up on itself while our role is to go to around ten countries in the coming months to defend the ‘invest’ destination in Senegal on an industrial and commercial level,” said -he said, welcoming the meeting “between the private sectors of the two countries”.

Launching “a call for Swiss investment”, Serigne Guèye Diop announced “the existence in Senegal of “forty Swiss companies in different areas of production which he wishes to “double”.

“We want to go from the 40 companies already present in Senegal to, at least, 80 to support us in the exploitation of offshore oil, refineries, the transformation of our materials 1erasgold refining (…),” declared the minister.

The director of external affairs, Swiss Secretary of State for the Economy, Ivo Germann, welcomed the exploration mission, noting that “Senegal is one of the African countries with strong economic potential, characterized by dynamic growth. and positive prospects for the Swiss economic center”.

According to him, the presence of nearly 40 Swiss companies in Senegal contributes to the development of the country with “quality investments, job creation, professional training, innovation and the marketing of world-renowned products” .

The Swiss delegation will be able, during this mission, to learn about the opportunities as well as the impulses and reforms planned by the new government for an attractive business climate, Mr. Germann said.

“Senegal exported to Switzerland a volume of nearly FCFA 362.7 billion, and imports were equivalent to a volume of around FCFA 16.3 billion,” he said, noting that “Switzerland is the 3eexport destination for Senegal on a global scale”.




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