Pierre Palmade in court, a world record broken in Yvelines… News at noon in Île-de-France

Pierre Palmade in court, a world record broken in Yvelines… News at noon in Île-de-France
Pierre Palmade in court, a world record broken in Yvelines… News at noon in Île-de-France



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May 27, 2024 at 1:36 p.m.

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This start of the week has been full of news. While the Melun public prosecutor’s office announced the dismissal of Pierre Palmade before the courts, the Houilles athletics club broke world records and The Voice tour will make a stopover in Essonne.

Information to remember Monday May 27, 2024, at noon, in Île-de-France

Seine et Marne. Pierre Palmade finally referred to justice for involuntary injuries
The Melun public prosecutor’s office announces the referral of Pierre Palmade to the criminal court on charges of unintentional injury. The date of the hearing has not been specified.

Essonne. The Voice tour will stop in this town in Essonne for a concert and a casting: here’s where
After 3 months of competition, Alphonse won season 13 of The Voice, this Saturday, May 25, 2024. The 17-year-old artist will notably be in Longjumeau, on June 28.

Yvelines. They break two world records on the track
This weekend in Montesson in Yvelines, the Houilles athletics club broke two world records for distance covered on a track in 24 hours.

Seine-Saint-Denis. Threatened with closure, the Bagnolet scrap metal market tries to resist against “high-tech offices”
The Bagnolet town hall has announced that this historic recovery market, very close to the Montreuil flea market, will close on June 1, 2024. It must be replaced by a real estate project.

Val d’Oise. A house ravaged by flames, three victims poisoned by smoke
During the night of Sunday May 26 to Monday May 27, 2024, 18 firefighters were mobilized for a violent fire that broke out in a pavilion in Cergy.

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