Pharmacies in Manche. Why will most pharmacies be closed on Thursday?

Pharmacies in Manche. Why will most pharmacies be closed on Thursday?
Pharmacies in Manche. Why will most pharmacies be closed on Thursday?


Ludivine Laniepce

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May 27, 2024 at 2:43 p.m.

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Their slogan sums up the cause for which they intend to give voice: “ Pharmacies close the curtain to exist tomorrow. »

This Thursday, May 30, 2024the vast majority of pharmacies in the Channel will be on strike to denounce the risks of pharmaceutical desert.

In 20 years, the number of pharmacies in Manche has increased from 172 to 134 today, and even 132 in the coming months.

Sébastien Ledunois, president of the Manche pharmacists’ union

This national strike movement aims, according to the Saint-Lois pharmacist, “ to alert the public and the State” about the situation of “numerous shortages of essential medicines », such as antibiotics, antidiabetics, corticosteroids or eye drops.

” In the absence of revaluation » of their profession, professionals indicate that access to these essential medications “will deteriorate”.

A situation of shortage due, according to them, to “successive economies on the price of these essential drugs.

The list is long

Lack of financial revaluations, shortages medicines, fear around the liberalization of the sale of medicines online, increase charges and insufficient health insurance envelope for pharmacies… The profession fears that rural pharmacies will be the main victims.

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In 2023, some 300 pharmaciesclosed in France, out of a total of approximately 20,000 . Since the start of the year, they have been 46 to have definitively lowered the curtain.

These are our rural and local neighborhood pharmacies, now weakened, which will no longer be able to provide access to medicines throughout the country once they have disappeared.

Sébastien Ledunois, president of the Manche pharmacists’ union

The president of the Manche pharmacists’ union advises those concerned to “anticipate any renewal of treatments at the start of the week”.

“Not forgetting that the next day [vendredi 31 mai 2024, NDLR]the passage of the Olympic flame from Cherbourg to Mont Saint-Michel could causeother difficulties in accessing pharmacies in the department», adds Sébastien Ledunois.

Pharmacies requisitioned for emergencies

If the pharmacists’ strike movement promises to be massively followed throughout France, the Fourches pharmacy, in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, indicates, like others, thatpharmacies “will be requisitioned to provide emergency servicewith certainly very long waiting times.”

More information to come…

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