A 20th year of theatrical collaboration

The Old Post Office (VBP) will once again host a group of graduates from the Quebec Conservatory of Dramatic Art from July 4 to August 24 this year. The latter will present the comedy La tornado Margot by Martin Doyon.

The characters Margot (Mélissa Iguer) and Normand (Pierre Maestracci) have been married for 20 years. Despite their love, the passion died out. In order to rekindle the flame, Normand encourages his wife to look elsewhere. The latter, shocked, takes her husband’s proposal as a game and decides to go along with it to make her husband jealous. She takes as her lover Gerry (Luka Provost), a former employee of Normand whom the latter despises. It remains to be discovered whether the tumults occurring in the couple’s lives will allow them to continue their story for another 20 years.

Having had to choose and propose their project, the group of graduating students from the conservatory takes care of everything from A to Z. Whether it’s the scenography, the direction, the choice of the play, this is their first professional opportunity .

“We are truly pampered. This is a great opportunity to gain experience. To still be in collaboration with the conservatory, it makes a nice transition to professional life,” emphasizes Jeanne Murdock.

A triple anniversary

This year, the Old Post Office is also celebrating its 20th anniversary. The collaboration with the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Quebec has also existed since the beginnings of the Levisian hall.

“This year is the twentieth anniversary of the partnership between the Old Post Office and the Conservatory. We thought it was good that there was a reminder of that in the room with the 20 years of marriage [des personnages]», adds Luka Provost.

The quintessential style of summer theater, comedy nevertheless presents several challenges and difficulties in order to be produced to perfection.

“You really have to know your lines from the first rehearsal because as it’s comedy, there’s a lot of play to be found. You have to find the play between the characters. It’s gaining pace,” explains Luka Provost.

Environmental awareness

Charlotte Poirier and Jeanne Murdock, the two graduates responsible for the scenography, must organize the play by finding all the necessary decor and costume elements. They also have to figure out how to make the room come alive in the limited space.

“With a small budget, it can have some challenges on what you want. In space, it is still a challenge to represent the house. In the story, it happens in many places in the house, but we will have to find a room where everything can happen,” underlines Jeanne Murdock.

The two graduates, however, have access to several resources from the Old Post Office and the Conservatory in order to reuse several items. They add that the eco-design aspect of the project is very important to them.

The group of five graduates concludes by explaining that the play “is a story that can speak to a wide audience of all ages.” They also invite the public to come twice to see the evolution and the changes they will make throughout the summer.

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