women and men, various profiles for a TF1 series with Julie de Bona

For the filming of the series TF1 “Erica” directed by Frédéric Berthe, with Julie de Bona and Grégory Fitoussicasting director is looking for the following profiles:

stylish women and men, night owls, fans of colored hair, in firecrackers, nostalgic for punk, cool baba for a Rave Party scene in a forest. Tattoos, piercings and other fantasies welcome

Note : candidates must reside in Landes or Pyrénées Atlantiques

Filming: scheduled for June 6 near Soustons (40). Night shooting

Remuneration: TV union rate

Please apply with the following elements:

– recent color photos (portrait and full-length)

– name, first name, age, height, city of residence

– contact details (email and telephone)

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* What we know about this casting:

This series will have as main actors Julie de Bona, Grégory Fitoussi, Maud Baecker, Théo Fernandez, Hubert Delattre, benjamin Douba-Paris and Jérémy Credeville.

This is the adaptation of the series of books by Camilla Läckberg published by Actes Sud in the Actes Noir collection.

Summary of the original series: Erica Falck, bestselling biography author, lives in the peaceful town of Fjällbacka, on the west coast of Sweden. Married to Patrick Hedström, police inspector at the Tanumshede police station, she plays investigator in her spare time.

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