Aubin. Cransac and the Department are now united by the “Aveyron Territories Projects Contract”

Aubin. Cransac and the Department are now united by the “Aveyron Territories Projects Contract”
Aubin. Cransac and the Department are now united by the “Aveyron Territories Projects Contract”

The president of the Aveyron departmental council, Arnaud Viala, came to Cransac on Tuesday to sign the “Aveyron Territorial Projects Contract” (CPAT) with the mayor of the spa town Bernard Canac.

This signing of the CPAT took place in the municipal council room, in the presence of elected officials from Cransac and the two departmental councilors of the Enne and Alzou canton, Graziella Piérini and Hélian Cabrolier.

“We are often helpless in the face of administrative “mysteries”, and by signing this CPAT with you, we “offer” ourselves a single contact,” began Cransac mayor Bernard Canac, addressing Arnaud Viala.

He continued: “Like many Aveyron towns, we are attached to our local identity, but also to that of our Aveyron department, and we will always be at your side, if clouds come to obscure this territorial entity. We will soon sign with the Region an amendment within the framework of Bourg Centre, contract with the State a certain number of cooperations We have therefore installed bridges with the four communities: the Community of Municipalities, the Department, the Region and the State. to move the files forward.

“Everyone’s identity and their particularities”

Important files. As you noticed when you arrived in our city, we are in the process of deconstructing the Saint Michel site on which a real estate project should eventually materialize. We are going to bring together the two schools, and we hope to launch the project management of the big “project” which is the requalification of the square and the city center.

To conclude, I would like to point out to you that you are in the only spa resort in the Department, can be a promotional factor for our department, and the signing of this CPAT will give Cransac new impetus.”

“You have said everything” replied Arnaud Viala who welcomed the presence of his two cantonal representatives. “We proposed these CPATs in a spirit of proximity, while anticipating the consequences of climate change and others, and respecting our budget line.

By signing this contract, it means that we have reached the end of our journey with the municipalities and intermunicipalities.

Through this consolidated cooperation, we thus open direct access to numerous skills, in particular Aveyron Ingénierie, with one objective, to highlight the identity of each person and their particularities.

Anne Lise Delouvrier, director of Aveyron Ingéniérie, who will be the contact for Cransac vis-à-vis the department, addresses the concrete aspect of this cooperation. “To illustrate the dynamics of your city, hydrotherapy, street art, medical services…

So many themes to be developed by building a readable and coherent overall project which will bring together all the actors and which must be seductive and unifying, for all the Aveyron residents who will be called upon to discover it.



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