SENEGAL-CULTURE / Fulani cultural wealth celebrated at the UGB – Senegalese Press Agency

Saint-Louis, May 27 (APS) – The International Association of Fulani Students from Africa and the Diaspora “Kawral Renndo Fulbe International”, celebrated its 72 hours this weekend, through a cultural walk and an exhibition of works of art, at Gaston Berger University (UGB) in Saint-Louis.

Its president, Abdoulaye Sow, explains that this cultural walk is an opportunity to bring together all Fulani students, “whatever their origin and caste, hand in hand, with the aim of promoting our cultural heritage”.

He explains that this walk “gives meaning to Fulani culture”. According to him, it is also “a way of showing the legacy [des anciens] through clothing, traditional objects, songs, dances and poems, the cultural richness of this ethnic group”.

The walk started from the Tour de l’oeuf, a public square of the UGB located between the two campuses of the second Senegalese university, which the students crisscrossed, equipped with art objects and dressed in large boubous. The girls stood out with traditional, ostensibly dangling earrings.

The objective of this event is for “Kawral” to show a part of the cultural values ​​of the Fulani community by emphasizing some purely cultural aspects and to promote integration between students from different backgrounds in order to facilitate understanding between them. , added Abdoulaye Sow.

According to Moussa Diallo, former president of “Kawral”, this association has been present at the UGB for more than twenty years. He indicates that cultural manifestation is an opportunity to show that it “lives and remains forever”.

Visitors were also treated to an exhibition of works of art on Cheikh Oumar Foutiyou Tall, a great scholar of Fouta Toro, Ousmane Dane Fodio from Nigeria, also from this ancient kingdom, the former Burkinabè president Thomas Sankara, the former Nigerian President Muhamadu Buhari and former Senegalese President Macky Sall.

The ceremony closed with a conference, the first theme of which was entitled “Peulh philosophy” (led by Professor Amadou Hamidou Diallo) and the second on “Dialogue between Fulani and Arab cultures” (led by Professor Mamadou Youry Sall, teacher researcher at UGB).




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