“We had everything to do well and not much was missing,” regrets Tristan Scherwey – rts.ch

Disappointment logically predominated in the Swiss camp during the interviews after the final lost against the Czech Republic. Despite everything, the players were aware of the good work done in Prague this year.

ROMAIN LOEFFEL: “We almost got it right. They played a perfect game at the start and it’s the bottom line. For our part, there’s no miracle if we don’t manage to score a goal over 60 minutes , it’s difficult to win matches. It hurts a lot now, it’s complicated to think about this silver medal. Later, of course we will be able to realize the journey we have achieved. after the match, this is definitely the worst medal we can take home“.

We have been saying it for a long time, we are capable of competing with the best teams in the world. I hope we won’t have to wait another five or six years before the next final because this nation is one of the greatest and has proven it“.

Final, Switzerland – Czechia (0-2): “It just hurts very, very badly”, Romain Loeffel in the interview / Ice hockey / 1 min. / yesterday at 8:00 p.m.

TRISTAN SCHERWEY:Yesterday was already a battle against the Canadians. We had done what was necessary to rest. At the beginning, the Czechs came strong, but we remained solid at the back and held on. We knew that the more the match progressed, the more it would turn in our favor. Their goal came from a prepared game, we were not able to be close enough to them. The first goal was important, we wanted it too. We tried everything. Hats off to our leaders, who were overused at the end. They tried everything, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough“.

I think if we had been told at the start of preparation that we were going to end up in the final, few people would have believed it. The arrival of the NHL players did us good. The coach found a good mix. We had everything to do well and we didn’t miss much. Czechia deserved its title“.

Final, Switzerland – Czechia (0-2): “In the end we tried everything”, explains Tristan Scherwey / Ice hockey / 3 min. / yesterday at 8:00 p.m.

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From Prague, Bastien Trottet – @BastienTrottet



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