“Maybe we’ll do some shows again”

“Maybe we’ll do some shows again”
“Maybe we’ll do some shows again”

Host Valérie Damidot, who popularized decoration on television with her show “D&Co” on M6, was at the Uzège Habitat Fair this Saturday. The opportunity to ask her a few questions, to which she answers with her usual frankness. Interview.

Objectif Gard: You are coming to the Uzège Habitat Fair for the first time. What do you think of this show and the city of Uzès?

Valérie Damidot: So I haven’t had time to see the city yet, but I know it’s very beautiful. And I love this show, I had a great welcome, very relaxing, a small family show, it’s really good, full of very nice exhibitors, and I like the idea of ​​meeting people outside . It’s very nice, frankly.

Decoration and housing are among the things that you helped to popularize on television, with your show, “D&Co”, which was a great success. Would you have imagined this type of show at the time when “D&Co” was launched?

At the time, we did quite a few trade shows, we met a lot of artisans. This is where you meet local craftsmen, I liked having them work in the corners where we were when we were making the houses, I find that it’s more interesting than taking brands from all over France.

We saw it when we visited the stands, you remain passionate.

Yes, even though I originally hosted the show it was also because they wanted to have someone who loved decor. You can imagine that if I hadn’t liked the decor… I came more from recycling, from a family where we didn’t have any sorrel, we went to flea markets and reupholstered the furniture, I I brought this to the show. Here we are in 2024, and more than ever, recovery and recycling are the priority. It’s always been important to me. From the start we donated the furniture to Emmaüs, even though it was supposed to go to landfill. I like the idea of ​​decorating again. I have a lot of flea market stuff at home, I like bargain hunting, I like people who make things, I like the idea of ​​recycling. It’s always more interesting than buying new things in furniture stores.

And it has become trendy too.

Now yes, because it has become so hard. Today, you earn a minimum wage, try to pay yourself something other than at a flea market or at a garage sale, it’s complicated, so more than ever today it’s back in trend. When we started and we said we were going to recycle things, people said: “Oh good? » Well yeah, we’re going to try to renovate the stones, the facades, to tell people that they were good foundations, that they needed to be brought up to date. Don’t throw away all the stuff right away.

What advice would you give to a family moving in?

I always said to families who told us “we would like modern” – you should know that “modern” for people means white lacquer – I always asked them: “what is your lifestyle ? » I find that your interior is the thing that should resemble you the most. If you try to copy magazines you’ve seen, you can take inspiration, but it has to resemble your lifestyle. Do you have children, do you entertain a lot, do you have animals? You’re not going to buy a white linen sofa with the furry person in your life. You have to adapt to your lifestyle. Now, there are more facilities, when you want to change your interior, there are simpler things to do.

And we must pay attention to standardization.

There are plenty of them, they love them, it’s super important for them to have white lacquer. It makes me want to die, but then I respect people’s tastes. We tried to advise them as much as possible, but you can’t go against people’s tastes, it’s their home after all. But I find that the most important thing is to do something that suits you, a house must live.

What are your upcoming projects in the coming weeks and months?

There I still have dates on my only stage, I’ll start again at the start of the school year, and I saw that they rebroadcast “D&Co” every Sunday, mornings, etc., I said: “guys, Come on, let’s do new shows, that would be more fun. » So maybe we’ll do some shows again, we’ll see… maybe we’ll do some shows again. At least one bonus, even if the tips aren’t going to change, we’re going to do some recycling, some hoarding.

On which channel ?

Well on M6! We’re going to go to people who know how to do it.

The Uzège Habitat Fair continues this Sunday, May 26 at the Ombrière d’Uzès from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. On the program: inflatable games, conference on the theme “enhance your interior with lighting” at 4 p.m. or workshops for children special to Mother’s Day from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE.



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