Brawl: a minor injured by stab wounds in Thiais

Brawl: a minor injured by stab wounds in Thiais
Brawl: a minor injured by stab wounds in Thiais

Knives on the ground, gloves, hoods, a wooden board. There is no doubt, the young people were there to do battle this Friday late afternoon in Thiais. A 17-year-old minor was also taken to a hospital after being injured with a knife a little later.

“His days are not in danger,” said the Créteil prosecutor’s office this Sunday morning. An investigation was opened for intentional wounding with a weapon and participation in an armed gathering. »

Late Friday afternoon, the police were alerted by local residents. Around twenty young people, some with their faces hidden under hoods or balaclavas, are in a street in Thiais. Witnesses mention the presence of baseball bats. The police converged on the spot, immediately putting the suspects to flight who scattered into the surrounding streets. To avoid being caught red-handed, the suspects let go.

Fights between young people from Villeneuve-le-Roi and Choisy-le-Roi

The police notably found four knives, two pairs of gloves, two balaclavas, not forgetting a wooden board! They later learned that an injured minor was taken by friends directly to the hospital. Did the police arrive before or after the fight? Difficult to know. “There were several brawls, some with knives, between young people from Villeneuve-le-Roi and Choisy-le-Roi,” specifies a Source close to the investigation.

“We have had worrying signals in recent days,” notes the Créteil prosecutor’s office, which wants to take the initiative again. We will be bringing together the local crime treatment group in the coming days (GLTD) to take stock. » This type of meeting obviously brings together the justice system, with elected officials from the sector, law enforcement, educators, etc.

Increased vigilance at Guillaume-Apollinaire high school

“We monitor school exits and we have not had any alarming feedback,” notes Didier Gonzales, the mayor (LR) of Villeneuve-le-Roi. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened. We are going to be extra vigilant, particularly at the Guillaume-Apollinaire high school in Thiais.

For sometimes obscure reasons, tensions between certain young people from the two municipalities explode sporadically, as in September 2021 when a simple glance at a bus stop almost cost the life of a 15-year-old teenager.

Unfortunately in January 2023, this tension leads to tragedy. Tidiane, a 16-year-old teenager, was fatally stabbed a stone’s throw from Thiais high school. Another had to be urgently hospitalized after receiving a stab wound to his thigh.



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