How this Mayenne bakery prepared for a television competition

How this Mayenne bakery prepared for a television competition
How this Mayenne bakery prepared for a television competition

The Au Pied du Four bakery, located in Mayenne, in the Huilerie artisanal zone, will be on television screens Tuesday May 28, 2024. She participates in the show The best bakery in France, on M6 at 6:30 p.m. The result of the competition can be discovered at the end of May. But how was this store selected?

We interviewed Hervé Ronceray, manager of the bakery with his wife Sylvie for 9 years and Julien Gorrea, employee for two years and became co-manager since 1er April 2024.

Why did you participate and how?

M6 production called us at the end of January. It was a surprise. They asked us if we wanted to participate. We didn’t hesitate. To be selected, we sent them lots of photos: all the products with the names and views of the interior of the bakery so that they could present to management. From that moment on, we prepared ourselves. Then came the time to think about the breads and cakes that we were going to present.

How was the day of filming?

We did a full day of filming on Monday March 11th. At 7 a.m., Vincent and Rudy, the two report editors, arrived. It was quite impressive. This took place on the weekly closing day of the bakery, but the entire team of employees was present. There are around twenty of us working there. During the show, we created three products: a bakery product (a specialty), a favorite product (a special bread) and the jury’s challenge! Either an imposed ingredient, or make something that goes well with a regional dish that the jury has brought. Everything went well, but we don’t want to say more at the moment.

What are the benefits you hope for?

Julien Gorrea : We don’t really expect any fallout. It was for the pleasure of doing the show.

Hervé Ronceray (60 years old): This show is recognition for the end of my career and a reward for a lifetime of work. I would happily start filming again. I really liked it.




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