“I am not a hero”: in Paris, Arthur will carry the flame after saving his neighbor from a fire

“I am not a hero”: in Paris, Arthur will carry the flame after saving his neighbor from a fire
“I am not a hero”: in Paris, Arthur will carry the flame after saving his neighbor from a fire


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May 26, 2024 at 7:00 a.m.

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He had chosen to remain as discreet as possible. But next July 15, Arthur Seurin will once again be projected into the light. He was in fact chosen by the Paris town hall to carry the Olympic flame.

102 torchbearers in Paris

Like him, they will be 102 in total to parade through the streets of the capital, between July 14 and 15. A real pride for this “Parisian titi”. ” It’s incredible. I’m going to experience a unique moment,” confides the 25-year-old young man to Paris news.

If he was chosen by the City, it is for his heroism, even if he refuses to have this qualifier attached to his act. “I would rather say that it is humanism.” On February 15, 2021, while he was sleeping in his building in rue Nicolaï (Paris, 12th), Arthur is startled awake by his parents. A fire then broke out in the neighboring apartment. “It was quite impressive, the apartment was totally destroyed”he remembers.

But rather than flee, the man who was still a student at the time decides to climb over his balcony and go to his neighbor’s house. After a first unsuccessful attempt, he returned a second time. With “a wet t-shirt to protect himself”, this time he enters the home, saves his neighbor by dragging her to her balcony. “His first instinct was to slap me,” he said with a burst of laughter. She wasn’t very conscious, I think.”

Decorated with the medal of “courage and merit”

After this act which earned him the congratulations of the mayor of the 12th arrondissement and the firefighters, Arthur returned to work the same day. “For me, it was something normal and natural. I wasn’t going to let my elderly neighbor die.”he confides.

However, his courage was saluted by the Paris police headquarters on April 4, 2023. In the company of seven other people, he received the medal for “courage and merit” from Laurent Nuñez. But here again, the financial advisor prefers to play it modest. “When you find yourself face to face with a couple who saved people at the Bataclan, you say to yourself ‘ok, there are many braver people than me.’

Since 2015, only seven people have received the “merit and courage” medal. (©Photo sent to - Paris)

A medal that the young man did not wish to display in his new home in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine). “It’s in its box, stored in a drawer”. Proof of a certain detachment? “I don’t find myself heroic, but human, that’s my personality. When you experience the thing, it makes it less impressive. If no one had been there, it would have been a non-event that no one would have talked about,” he assures, adding that this moment did not “change my life, but only spiced it up.”

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“I would like to take turns with a firefighter, that would be a beautiful symbol”

Three years after this rescue, Arthur is preparing to carry the Olympic flame in the city where he grew up. “As a Parisian and a sports fan, it’s truly incredible.”

If you do something to make the world a better place, society will give it back to you and that’s what happened to me with the medal and the flame.

Arthur SeurinBearer of the Olympic flame in Paris

Less than two months before the event, the young man born in 1999 admits to being “very stressed” at the idea of ​​experiencing this moment that he cannot “visualize”. But there’s no question of preparing. “I want to have a little spontaneity and to mark the occasion by doing something personal, but I don’t know what yet.”

If he does not yet know his place of passage, Arthur would like to complete the 200 meters in an emblematic place in the capital “the Louvre pyramid or the Eiffel Tower, it would be a real treat.” And to best symbolize this moment, he would like to take turns with Timothé Bernardeau, a Paris firefighter and PSH corporal (person with a disability). “A great way to bring this beautiful story to a close. »

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