how to build a house for less than €250,000?

how to build a house for less than €250,000?
how to build a house for less than €250,000?

Can we still build a house in Nord-Isère with a budget of €250,000? The answer is yes for Jérémy Pace, sales manager of the family business Demeures & Résidences, builder of individual houses and developer in Passins, who builds 25 houses on average per year.

Attractive prices

“We manage to offer attractive prices, thanks to structured costs, suppliers and craftsmen with whom we have worked for a long time. We have created a “Primo +” range, with houses from 65 to 100 m² below €240,000 (notary fees included), dedicated to first-time buyers. They represent 80% of our customers. »

For “House + Land” projects, it offers a T4 of 80 m², on 700 m² of land, at €210,000 in Sermérieu or a T4 of 85 m², on 440 m² of land, at €241,000 in Saint- Savin.

A house from 48 m²

At AST group, the Créa Concept brand is launching “MDesign”, from 1er April 2024, a modular house, mix between metal frame and wooden frame, assembled in the factory.

“This is the house of tomorrow, because new projects must no longer create impermeable zones. Instead of making foundations with a poured slab which will make the ground opaque, we will lay concrete feet on which we will support the house,” explains Rémi Froquet, regional animation manager at AST group.

The models are optimized and very little modifiable, and adapt to all plots, from 48 m² with two bedrooms up to 100 m², at around €2,000 per m².

Possible for less than €250,000? “Yes, if you are looking for peace and quiet rather than proximity to major roads. It can also be a second house on the same land for single parents or a blended family”he continues.

In Saint-Clair-de-la-Tour, Natacha Poullaouec offers two single-storey houses of 80 m² to build for €200,000 with 300 m² of land, in horizontal co-ownership, “to exploit the potential of the land and cope with the hardening of prices. »




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