Seine-et-Marne: volunteers come to the aid of local heritage and save a wash house

Seine-et-Marne: volunteers come to the aid of local heritage and save a wash house
Seine-et-Marne: volunteers come to the aid of local heritage and save a wash house


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May 25, 2024 at 2:48 p.m.

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L’Empreinte du Temps, an association based in Coulombs-en-Valois and the ASBVO (Association for the Protection of the Lower Ourcq Valley), based in Crouy-sur-Ourcq, brought together their members in order to restore a to see her which served for many years as a dump.

» We found it fallow, a real jungle where bramble bushes thrived. A tree several decades old has also grown in the middle of the basin and its stump is giving us a lot of trouble. The roof is out of order. It’s a gigantic project,” said Bernard Menu, president of Empreinte du Temps.

Armed with shovels and picks, boots on their feet, Martine, Joël, Françoise, Anne-Marie, Bruno and even Bernadette were already on their sixth day of work in mid-May.

First it was the exterior of the wash house overgrown with ivy then the interior with the cleaning of the two basins: » One of the basins was used for soaping the linen and the other for rinsing. The whole being powered by a natural spring “, confided Martine, very involved in local life.

The washhouse, which dates from the years 1880-1890, strongly resembles that of Courtenay in the Loiret according to the architect in charge of the renovation of the Houssoy keep in Crouy.

The town hall very involved in this safeguard

When the members of the two associations came to meet the Crouycian elected officials, they received a very warm welcome. » We can say that there is a synergy between the actors of this renovation. If volunteers bring their know-how and workforce, the municipality takes care of the disposal of waste and the purchase of the materials necessary for its restoration. Emmanuel Hergot, municipal councilor responsible for heritage, and Olivier Quentin, head of technical services, are also key figures in the project. And for masonry advice, Franck Delizy, a local mason, is also a great help,” said the mayor, Didier Manson.

The metal frame should receive a new roof and the choice seemed difficult between tile and zinc. However, it seems that the washhouse in the shape of a Roman atrium will regain its original appearance and a beautiful zinc roof as during its construction.

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After the restoration of the Vaux washhouse, the Saint-Guinifort spring, the Puits d’Amour, all in the territory of Coulombs-en-Valois, the maintenance of the paths, notably that of Reims which saw Joan of Arc pass by , the Crouycian washhouse will also be given a second lease of life to the delight of history lovers.

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