Railway works: Justice clears the Montreux–Bernese Oberland company

Justice clears the MOB

Published today at 7:23 p.m.

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Last year, the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) filed a criminal complaint against the railway company Montreux-Bern Oberland (MOB) following security work undertaken at Schönried station (BE). Responsible for handling this case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Eastern Vaudois district issued an order not to enter into the matter, effectively clearing the MOB, communicates the railway company.

In October 2022, the MOB said it drew the attention of the OFT to the insufficient height of the platforms at Schönried station and the resulting problems for the timetable change on December 11, 2022. In this station, the height of the steps was much higher due to the new trains coming into service. The MOB explains that it then presented to the OFT the measures it intended to undertake to raise the platforms of this station.

Finally, with the acceptance of the municipality of Schönried, the canton of Bern and the Inclusion Handicap Association, according to an agreement in principle requested by the OFT, the MOB undertook the minimum work necessary to ensure the safety of users of the new trains put into service from December 11, 2022.

The OFT issued the relevant planning permission on February 27, 2023, but then immediately filed a complaint against the MOB, on March 21, 2023, “incomprehensibly” according to the MOB, arguing that the MOB had started security work before formally obtaining said authorization.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an order dismissing the case, considering that the elements constituting the offense were not met and that the behavior of the MOB had clearly not caused any consequences.

Claude Béda is a journalist for the 24-hour Vaudois section. Passionate about social issues and the lives of people here, he covered several regions of the canton, before joining the Lausanne editorial team. More informations

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