“Trans minors were not consulted.” A rally in Tulle to denounce a proposed law deemed transphobic

“Trans minors were not consulted.” A rally in Tulle to denounce a proposed law deemed transphobic
“Trans minors were not consulted.” A rally in Tulle to denounce a proposed law deemed transphobic

These activists responded to the national call from associations defending trans people who are concerned about a bill proposed by LR senators which aims to prohibit medical transitions for minors.

Officially, the bill tabled by LR senators “aims to supervise the medical practices implemented in the care of minors with gender issues.”

By “frame”we must actually understand the ban on any medical transition for minors, including puberty blockers, prescribed to adolescents who wish to change their gender.

“She claims to be in favor of defending children’s rights. In reality, this bill is based on a commission of inquiry in which trans minors were not consulted,” points out feminist activist Pauline Dumas. “On the other hand, it aims to defend public health, but it is actually about limiting access to health for trans minors.”

In an opinion to Parliament made public on May 6, the Defender of Rights “is concerned about the effects of this proposed law, which is likely to undermine the rights and best interests of the child.”

Claire Hédon “also underlines that medical transitions of transgender children are rare and that surgical interventions before the age of majority only concern a tiny minority of trans children and are always part of an in-depth medical pathway.”

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Around fifty people gathered in front of the Tulle courthouse on Saturday May 25 to denounce a proposed law from LR senators which, according to them, infringes the rights of trans minors.

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Plan to combat LGBTphobia, diversion of change of civil status… these are some of the demands put forward by these associations.

This last point is precisely the subject of another bill, tabled this time by the environmentalist senator for French people abroad Mélanie Vogel, which aims conversely to facilitate the change of civil status for trans people. A simple declaration to a civil registrar would suffice.

Symbolically, around fifty people gathered in front of the Tulle courthouse, where judges examine requests for change of marital status on identity papers for trans people.

However, this bill has little chance of being adopted, as the Senate has a right-wing majority, which exasperates the activists gathered this afternoon. “What we want is more rights and to stop this intrusion of the LR and RN groups into our lives and into our bodies,” concludes Pauline Dumas.

Associations defending LGBTQIA+ rights accuse the right and the far-right of wanting to import the “moral panic” around trans people appeared in the United States, where gender transitions for minors have been banned in twenty-three out of fifty states.



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