But who are these young people from Corrèze who defend communist ideas?

But who are these young people from Corrèze who defend communist ideas?
But who are these young people from Corrèze who defend communist ideas?

In the room, at the Parc des Perrières, in Brive, this Saturday morning, May 25, the average age must have been around 60 years old to fuel the debate entitled “Voting, why do you do it?” “. However, here and there, young activists are taking up the torch and still want to believe in communist ideas.

A “PCF 19” badge pinned to his palm tree shirt, he is at the head of the figurehead. Nicolas Marlin, 24, has been federal secretary of the PCF in Corrèze for about a year. His commitment to the Communist Party? “It’s mostly family,” replies the Tullist. For him, “youth is engaged on a whole bunch of subjects on which the PCF has answers: the Israel-Palestine conflict, ecology, the fight against the extreme right…” And he does not fail to point out that “ the head of the PCF list for the Europeans on June 9 (Léon Deffontaines Editor’s note) is 28 years old.”

“The communist project is not archaic”

Another Nicolas joined the PCF nine years ago, when he was only 25. “Mélenchon’s campaign in 2012 had an impact on me. Then, I experienced two major social plans up close and the union fight that goes with them, at Socat, in Terrasson, and at Papeteries de Condat… It strengthened my convictions. »

Léon Deffontaines, head of the communist list for the Europeans: “we must de-bunker Strasbourg”

For them, “the communist project is not archaic”, but they are aware that “there is a heritage to carry. It allows us to be told that nothing is impossible,” says Nicolas Marlin. And on June 9, the march will be high since the French Communist Party has no longer had an elected representative in the European Parliament since 2019. That year, it only received 2.49% of the votes. “But Corrèze is the department which voted the most for Fabien Roussel in the last presidential elections,” reassures Nicolas Marlin.

A wave of membership after the presidential elections

Moreover, “we had a wave of membership after the presidential elections,” assures Nicolas Haag, section secretary in Brive. The Roussel effect? “Rather the visibility of the party. Fabien has done a lot of good, but he embodies the ideas of the party.” The PCF now has just over 300 members in Corrèze, including a handful of young people ready to fight for its ideas.

Upcoming public meetings
THE May 28, at 6:30 p.m., at Objat, exhibition room, with Emmanuel Maurel; THE June 1st, at 6:30 p.m., in Tulle, Latreille bas room, with Brahim Jlali and Marylène Fort; THE June 3at 6 p.m., Simone-Veil room, with Violette Folgado.

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