GARD An agricultural high school finally has its new boarding school!

After two years of work, the first boarding school in France built with a wooden frame and straw insulation was inaugurated and it is in the Gard, in Meynes, that it is happening.

It is a positive energy building, participatory and built entirely with local and French companies, a major project aimed at future generations and respectful of nature.

The result of a long joint reflection and a phase of 18 months of work, it reflects the involvement of the actors of the establishment, but also a reflection on new construction and a construction site in line with today’s climate issues and our power to educate and resonate with new generations. Constructing a new building in a secondary agricultural establishment falls within these dimensions.

The new boarding school at the Meynes agricultural high school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

What do we want to show these young people who frequent these places on a daily basis? How can we instill in them the values ​​of investment, involvement, respect, not only for places, but also for the planet they inhabit? With this new construction, developed collectively ecological, eco-built and by favoring local companies, we tried to succeed in this challenge and to involve all the stakeholders around the high school », explains Arthur Florin, head of the establishment.

For Jean Louis Portal, chairman of the board of directors: “ The boarding school project marked a new stage for the future of our establishment in the quality of life of our young people. We could have chosen the easy way or the economy, but we wanted to bring something else, in particular values ​​that are close to our hearts such as respect for the environment, the participation of young people, the choice of premises… »

The high school today welcomes around 220 students, from the 4th to the Bac Pro driving and management of a business in the canine and feline sector, including the CAPA agricultural professions. In all ? 150 students are boarding there!

A beautiful view which is even more beautiful once upstairs in a more spacious living room (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The high school is also a training center for adults, with training provided in both sectors, machinery and canine-feline sectors. He is also a UFA of the EPL Agricampus Nîmes-Rodilhan, in a partnership to welcome apprentices in Canine-Feline Grooming-NAC.

By considering young people as integral parts of the establishment, we could only build this project with them. It is also showing them that it is possible to build a world with values ​​such as solidarity, respect and constructive debates. They will be the promoters of tomorrow. Through this project, we allow them to see that it is possible to build differently! », continues Arthur Florin.

New Meynes agricultural high school boarding school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The upstairs terrace (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Looking back… The Meynes private agricultural high school was born in 1958 from the desire of local farmers to train in new mechanized tools. From the outset under associative status, the high school began training in 1959 for both adults in the workplace, but also young people. It therefore carries from its origin the desire for innovation and training.

Arriving in 1973 on its current site, the school continues to develop, initially, exclusively on training around agricultural machinery. From 2004 it was the turn of animals and particularly dogs and cats to join the dance.

New Meynes agricultural high school boarding school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

A bedroom (Photo Anthony Maurin)

In the 1990s, he joined UNREP, one of the “families” of private agricultural education establishments, signing the association contract with the State. The expansion work was carried out as the site evolved, with the first buildings in 1973, but progress was notable from 1999 with the three main buildings built over the last 25 years.

Arthur Florin continues: “ Beyond schooling, we want to provide our students with a quality of life and education allowing them to experience an ideal schooling. All the high school stakeholders have defined common values ​​as part of the school project, which underpin our vision of support, but also our approach to working with these young people. »

New Meynes agricultural high school boarding school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Showers (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Resulting from a long reflection started during the 2020 confinement, with students, parents and members of the high school, the idea of ​​making this new building an example has become reality. With a design shared by all stakeholders, and an exemplary building in construction, both ecological and favoring the local economy. Thus, construction of the building began in July 2022, and will be completed in February 2024.

Thus, respect is the basis of our relationships, but we also wish to provide young people with confidence and a spirit of solidarity, creativity and discovery, awareness of the value of work and professional agricultural education, sustainable development. and awareness of climate issues. It is around these notions that we welcome these students on a daily basis to lead them towards success and well-being. »

New Meynes agricultural high school boarding school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Beautiful shapes and a building built according to the rules of the art (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The young people participated in ten meetings from the start of the design to help choose. Thus, the living spaces have been redesigned to favor interactions. The outer ring of the walls was made of a wooden frame and straw insulation, with photovoltaic panels and a wood boiler. Young people leave a 600 m2 boarding school for a space twice as large with approximately the same number of students. Likewise, they benefit from a shower for five instead of one for nine in the old building.

New Meynes agricultural high school boarding school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Places of calm (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The Meynes–Gard private agricultural high school currently benefits from a turnover of around 1.7 million euros, 55% of which comes from state subsidies. The new boarding school cost three million euros, which amounts to a cost of 2,360 euros per m2. It is also and above all considered to be in the low average for a building open to the public.

To complete the thing, 100% of the companies were based within 100 km and 70% of them were from Gard. “ We created a tractodrome to reuse the earth from the foundations. We also have the project of renaturalizing 900 m2 of soil in order to produce a zero artificialization assessment at the end of the project… »concludes the head of the establishment.

New Meynes agricultural high school boarding school (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The new boarding school is still unique in France (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Private agricultural high school Meynes – Gard 9 route de Bezouce 30 840 Meynes. Tel: 04 66 57 59 37.



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