High school students from Marmande make a short film broadcast on France Télévisions

High school students from Marmande make a short film broadcast on France Télévisions
High school students from Marmande make a short film broadcast on France Télévisions


Marie-Pierre Caris

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May 25, 2024 at 6:50 p.m.

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At the Val de Garonne high school in Marmande, the group was formed from the idea of ​​one of them, Quentin. A group which quickly worked around the movie theater and which, since October 2023, has met at least once a week.

These high school students took part in the competition launched by the Femmes & cinéma organization, and this year, their script was indeed selected from 167 entries! A new adventure has therefore begun, very close to the professional cinematographic world.

The cast is filming the short film soon

It was therefore, basically, a matter of writing a scenario on a social theme to choose from that concerns young people today.

The young Marmandais decided to work on both masculinism and cyberharassment. The basis of their work was popular, so it will ultimately become a short film broadcast as part of the program Free short from France Télévisions.

And it is always as a group that these young people, who had already participated in the César for high school students, wrote this synopsis, always accompanied by the English teacher, Aurélie Daeven.

The next step was the meeting with a cinema professional, who helped them to improve their script, but also to carry out a real casting !

It was Wednesday May 15, 2024, in the premises of the Val de Garonne high school, with professional equipment but also the valuable advice of director Lauranne Simpere, from Twelve Films. A casting which did not happen on its own either, and which had to initially determine the actors for the leading roles…

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“We discovered and learned a lot of things,” the young people explain enthusiastically. For example, we also had to make the posters, think about the sets and costumes, work on the technical layout…”.

At high school and at the rugby stadium

A real professional job, with an ultimate objective: to produce a short film of 8 minutes maximum, broadcast this fall on France Télévisions but also at the Plaza de Marmande cinema.

But until then, many steps will still have to be taken, such as the recruitment of extras and, of course, the filming, planned in Marmande from July 1 to 3, between the buildings of the high school and the Dartiailh stadium.

The Marmandais high school students will be accompanied by a cinematographer, a sound engineer, the director and a producer for these three days of filmingthe culmination of a very beautiful collective and creative work.

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