“Referendum against immigration”: GND attacks PSPP’s independence project

“Referendum against immigration”: GND attacks PSPP’s independence project
“Referendum against immigration”: GND attacks PSPP’s independence project

While waiting to obtain the support of the members of Québec solidaire for his pragmatic turn, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois attacked the PQ leader by accusing him of transforming the independence project into a referendum against immigration.

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Still at the heart of the storm hitting his party, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois tried to minimize it at the opening of the party’s National Council at the Cégep de Jonquière.

He notes that the last few weeks have “also brought hope”.

However, a few minutes before the co-spokesperson’s speech, the member of the ethics committee, Martin Roy, recalled that several departures had undermined the party recently.

“There is a lot of suffering in our party and that creates an unsatisfactory climate of activism. And if there is an unsatisfactory climate, ultimately, the world will leave,” the activist underlined. The shadow of Émilise Lessard-Terrien also hung over the event, while a new letter that she sent to the training has just surfaced (see below).

Nevertheless, the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, who wanted to obtain the confidence of members to modernize the left-wing formation, insisted on lowering expectations.

According to him, there is no ultimatum, he who won his vote of confidence in November with 90% support. “There is no demonstration to be made by the members of Québec solidaire towards me (…) But we have important debates for QS and I have confidence in this party.”

PSPP attacked by GND

He even took advantage of his platform to go on the offensive and attack Paul St-Pierre Plamondon’s PQ head-on.

“We cannot let Paul St-Pierre Plamondon transform this beautiful and great project which is the independence of Quebec into a referendum against immigration,” declared the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire to thunderous applause.

He pointed out to the members that what unites them is the difference in QS with other political groups.

GND believes that Prime Minister François Legault and the PQ leader agree, in reality, on the majority of subjects.

“They argue, they persist. But when we listen carefully to their exchanges, we find that most of the time, they are in full agreement. On housing, schools, French. Utilities, no matter the problem. For these two, it is always the fault of immigration,” he argued.

Letter from Emilise

Furthermore, our Parliamentary Office received a 25-page letter sent by former co-spokesperson Émilise Lessard-Terrien to her party upon her resignation. In this missive first published by Radio-Canada, she explains the reasons for her exhaustion. The lack of complicity with GND, the lack of valorization of feminism and the lack of support she received are detailed there.

The solidarity leaders quickly wanted to highlight the absence of Émilise on Saturday morning in front of the members. They want her to take care of her health with her family.

“Everyone would have preferred it to be Émilise,” said Christine Labrie, who inherited the position of interim co-spokesperson after the departure of Ms. Lessard-Terrien three weeks ago. His absence requires deep reflections, she added.

“She” should have been on stage with him, GND agreed.

The two co-spokespersons also received a mixed reception from the approximately 250 delegates who took their place in the room where the debates on the future of training will take place.

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