the Pride March brings more than 700 people into the streets

Niortaise Stéphanie Lullaby writes what she calls “lesbian romance”. “A little erotic, but not pornographic”. After Au pair, The list And Folie à deux, she will release her next book at the end of 2024 with Homoromance Éditions. His public ? “Some of them are women who have not come out: thanks to books, they find a space where they can be themselves. » Stéphanie Lullaby was this Saturday, May 25, 2024 at the Pride Village, set up at Place de la Brèche in Niort at the initiative of the Fierté DS collective with the help of the Unis Cité 79 association. “It’s important to be here, to make a contribution. When I write a book, I tell myself that maybe it won’t sell, but I do it anyway, because it’s me. »

“This law will do harm”

Being yourself: two words which sum up the reason for existence of this Village and this Pride March which crisscrossed Niort for part of the afternoon. We are in the third edition. There were more than 700 this Saturday compared to 450 in 2023 and 350 in 2022. Within the Village, associations such as Family Planning, Aides, Le Refuge (which helps young people thrown out of their parents’ homes) but also the CFDT and the CGT.

A bill from Republican senators aims to prohibit gender transitions among minors. The worrying prospect: “If we attack the rights to dispose of one’s body for minors, we know what that means for the future. Deciding for people is not possible”critic Julie Brouard, president of Fierté DS.

Two themes at the heart of the march, the fate of transgender minors and that of LGBTQIA+ migrants.
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Also at the heart of the march, the fate reserved for LGBTQIA+ migrants since the Immigration law adopted in 2024: “This law will do harm by toughening the conditions of access for migrants, in particular LGBTQIA+ migrants. Today, it is also a way of giving them a voice. »

Transgender minors, migrants: fights that ultimately concern few people? “Even if it concerned just one person, something would have to be done for them”retorts Léa, who came with a group of friends.

The participants planned to continue the evening by partying at La Java, avenue de La Rochelle.
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It is 2:30 p.m. when the procession rushes through the streets under a forest of rainbow flags. “Our rainbow will always be more beautiful than your rain of hatred”, is written on a sign. An explosion, and in the second a cloud of colorful papers disperses above the heads. This Saturday, it rained in colors.



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