Five destinations to enjoy the sun less than 3 hours from Beauvais airport


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May 25, 2024 at 5:02 p.m.

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Do you find that the holidays are still far away, and you need to escape a little, far from the storms of the Oise? Departing from Beauvais-Tillé airport (Oise), many destinations less than 3 hours away will take you off. We have selected a few for you, in direct flight.

Tickets at 23 euros for Alicante

Spain (14 destinations) is, with Italy (15 destinations), the country best represented in the catalog departing from Beauvais airport.

There are of course the great classics: Barcelona and its Ramblas, Valencia and its bullring, Madrid and its royal palacenear which you may soon come across Kylian Mbappé… But Spain is not just about its regional capitals.

What if you discovered for example Alicante on the Costa Blanca, which benefits from 300 days of sunshine per year, its turquoise waters and its old town, called “El Barrio”?

Alicante, Spain, is particularly famous for its port. (©Adobe stock)

Let’s say you leave on June 12th. Ryanair then offers you your one-way ticket for only 23.29 euros/person. That’s about four times cheaper than if you take your ticket in August, only two months later! For a return on June 18, the ticket is priced at 37.63 euros. A total of 61 euros.

Catania, the sunniest city in Italy

Catania, in Sicily, is in the catalog of Ryanair new products for this summer. (©Beauvais Airport)

Catania, in Sicily, is included in the catalog of Ryanair new products for this summer. Here again, UV-wise, you can’t do much better, since it is the sunniest city in Italy. “Milan of the South” benefits from an average of 347 hours of sunshine per month, just that.

Round-trip ticket price at Rayanair, which recently added the Sicilian airport to its catalog: between 65 and 73 euros (for departure between June 8 and June 12).

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So of course, the departure times are early (6 a.m., or 9:45 a.m.), but we are still on a very, very low cost ticket. All for a 2h45 journey.

The pearl of the Adriatic less than 3 hours by plane

Continue this tour of Europe under the sunlight with Dubrovnick, the “pearl of the Adriatic”. This Croatian coastal town with its very lively nightlife needs no introduction. But how much will you have to pay for a round trip to the “pearl of the Adriatic” on a whim?

If you plan to travel from June 28 to June 1er July, for a big romantic weekend let’s say, Ryanair will send you there for around €90/person round trip.

Bulgaria is yours!

This isn’t the most obvious proposition on this list when it comes to sunshine. However, the rays of the hottest stars are rather abundant during this period in Sofia. In June, you can count on 9 hours of sunshine per day.

“Nestled at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, this city is the geographical center of the Balkan Peninsula. With its history of more than seven thousand years, it is one of the oldest capitals in Europe,” describes Paris-Beauvais airport on its website. For a one-way ticket on June 21, count on less than 75 euros with Wizz. Travel time: 2h50.

Experience São João in Porto

Porto's most revered saint puts the whole city in celebration on the night of June 23.
Porto’s most revered saint puts the whole city in celebration on the night of June 23. (©Beauvais Airport)

If you go to Port in June, the most served Portuguese city from Beauvais airport, you cannot miss São João. Porto’s most revered saint puts the whole city in celebration on the night of June 23.

So, no choice for you, you have to arrive before this date. And there, in two or three clicks, you realize that on June 18, certain one-way tickets are offered for only 27 euros… Do you hear them, the melodious accents of fado resounding in the air?

Other examples of destinations less than a three-hour flight from Beauvais : Stockholm (Sweden), Cork (Ireland), Bucharest (Romania), Palermo (Italy), Birmingham (England), Palermo (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Malta, Thessaloniki (Greece)… You are spoiled for choice .

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