Haiti, under the control of gangs, urgently awaits the force led by Kenya

Haiti, under the control of gangs, urgently awaits the force led by Kenya
Haiti, under the control of gangs, urgently awaits the force led by Kenya

“The security situation in Haiti cannot wait,” said a spokesperson for the American executive. The mission supported by the UN and in which the United States is very involved on the logistical level – without however providing men – must support the Haitian police in the fight against the gangs which terrorize the population and largely control the capital Port-au-Prince.

Senior Kenyan officers have already arrived in Haiti on a reconnaissance mission. Speculation had been rife that a first contingent would be deployed this week, to coincide with Kenyan President William Ruto’s state visit to Washington on Thursday. Ultimately, no announcement was made during this trip, apart from Mr. Ruto’s assurance that the Kenyan force was capable of “breaking” the gangs.


Kenya and other countries deploying to Haiti aim to “secure this country and break up the gangs and criminals who have inflicted untold suffering on this country,” Ruto said. “This is a crisis. It is possible to cope with it,” assured American President Joe Biden, praising Kenya’s “first-rate capabilities”.

A Haitian government Source said he expected a first deployment in the coming days. “This delay is partly due” to the fact that necessary equipment has not yet been delivered, she said on condition of anonymity.

In the meantime, the gangs’ reaction to the force’s arrival remains unknown. According to Diego Da Rin, Haiti expert for the International Crisis Group research center, they have sent “conflicting signals” in recent weeks.

“It seems the gangs are waiting to see what this mission will look like. On the one hand, we see that there is a certain restraint in the attacks, but there are still quite spectacular assaults, such as the one which recently targeted a prison, said Mr. Da Rin, interviewed before the death of the three missionaries. And during these attacks, gang members film videos in which they issue warnings to “foreign forces and show what they are capable of doing,” he continued.

” Transparent “

Among the scenarios that could explain the change in the intensity and frequency of the attacks – which, however, have never stopped, he points out – is perhaps the fact that the gangs are trying to amass ammunition, if they intend to carry out a “fairly impressive” attack against the multinational force, according to the analyst.

They may also simply be short of ammunition, or they follow a “somewhat dual strategy” according to which they continue the attacks, but do not cross “certain red lines, for example the occupation of the presidential palace, to leave the possibility to negotiate with the Haitian authorities,” he said.

Meanwhile, the transitional presidential council, set up after the resignation of controversial Prime Minister Ariel Henry and roiled by power struggles, is struggling to tackle the country’s deep problems and has still not named a prime minister. nor an interim government. According to local media, dozens of applications have poured in for the post of prime minister and the list was recently sifted.



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