Faced with requests from the town hall, a metal music festival wins its case in Morbihan

Faced with requests from the town hall, a metal music festival wins its case in Morbihan
Faced with requests from the town hall, a metal music festival wins its case in Morbihan

The town hall of Saint-Nolff was considering banning the refreshment bar, and concerts after 10 p.m., of a rock and metal music festival which opened this Friday, May 24 for three days. Urgently seized of a summary liberty order, the administrative justice announced that it would not rule, but it established that the requests of the festival organizers were not out of time.

As rock and metal fans began to arrive at the rural site of the new Re-Animator festival, at the Vieux Moulin near Saint-Nolff, this Friday, May 24, the mayor of the Morbihan commune decided to grant the necessary authorizations to open a temporary drinking establishment and to allow concerts to continue beyond 10 p.m. An epilogue which allows, according to the organizers of this first edition, the festival to be held “in good conditions”.

The gathering, under the patronage of another metal festival, Motocultor, believes that the pressure exerted by the legal action allowed this outcome in its favor. Faced with the town hall’s refusal to grant the necessary exemptions, a request for interim relief was lodged with the Administrative Court of Rennes, this Thursday, May 23, 2024, a few hours before the launch of Re-Animator, which displays the concerts of around twenty rock groups on two stages, over three days.

While the drinking establishment guarantees “a third of the recipe” of the festival, the organizers and in particular the Motocultor Fest Prod teams feared for the financial balance of the organizing association.


The poster for the new festival, Re-Animator


The municipal services of Saint-Nolff had in fact received the request concerning the drinking establishment on May 22, 2024. But “time to analyze” was not enough, for Mayor Nadine Le Goff-Carnec. She considered that the association was “out of time”.

“I would have had no difficulty in finding the illegality of the decision since there is no legal deadline provided” in the matter to file such requests, said the magistrate of the administrative court, in the presence of the mayor of Saint-Nolff.

Finally, the town hall issued the authorizations at the last minute, and the festival will be held “without the sword of Damocles” above the head, according to the organizers. During the hearing, the judge immediately announced that she would issue a “no need to adjudicate”.



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